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ABC'S of Egypt

No description

alex oliver

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of ABC'S of Egypt

ABC'S of Egypt
Anubis is the god of funerals. He leads the dead into the hall of judgement. He appears as a jackel headed man.
Bes is the dwarf god. He scares away demons. He is only known as a minor god.
cataracts protect Egypt in the north and south. They are found in the Nile river. They are fast flowing rapids.
dieties means worship many gods. The way of egypt for many years was to worship multiple gods. some dieteis include ra, hapi, osiris, and many more.
Hatsheput was the first female ruler. She increased trade. She had many temples built.
King Khufu
King Khufu is famous for buolding the great pyramid of giza. He ruled during the Old kingdom. the great pyramid is 38 stories tall.
Osiris is lord of the dead. He decides if one is worthy to pass into the afterlife. He carries the crook and flail.
Pharoah's were the kings of egypt. They had great wealth. They were buried in tombs.
Ramses the great
Ramses was focused on expanding the empire. He did he captured lands and enslaved the people. His tomb was found in the valley of the kings.
Sarcophogus' were placed in the tomb. The mummified bodies after the were placed in a casket were laid in a sarcophogus. Scribes carved magical spells onto the sarcophogus.
Uraues were the symbol of kingship. All pharoahs had these on there crowns. Tha Uraues is a cobra with wings.
Valley of the kings
The valley of the kings are steep cliffs where the pharoahs are buried. There they have found Ramses the II, King Tut and many famous pharoahs. Most of the tombs had been robbed.
Wadjet was the lunar eye of horus. Also known as ra uraeus. This was believed to protect from evil.
He was a minor pharoah in egypt. He ruled from 585 to 546 BC. He gave the people tha ability to focus on more than one god.
Yuya was a high official under Thutmose IV. He was the husband of Tuya. Yuya was a courtier during the eightienth dynasty.
The zodiac is well attested on tomb ceilings and walls. The zodiac was believed to tell peoples horoscopes. Only a few zodiacs survived that were written on papyrus
Last pharaoh of the first dynasty. Only a minor pharoah. Didn't do any notable acts as pharoah
The flail was the weapon of a pharoah also a symbol. It resembeled power in Egypt. Every pharoah who was at the throne has been seen with a flail.
Nepyths was an egyptian goddess worshipped by many. She was the wife of Seth. She is known as a major goddess.
Judgement of the dead
In the afterlife the people would get their hearts judged. Osiris placed the heart on the scale with the feather of truth. All who were true could pass into the afterlife.
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