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Tidal Power Plant

MGMT 701

Jillian Galli

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Tidal Power Plant

Little Bay Bridge Tidal Power Plant Project Elizabeth
Market Stakeholders Employees Stockholders Creditors Suppliers Customers Powerplants
(distributors) Tidal Power Plant Employees:
Interest: maintain stable employment, fair compensation, safe work environment
Power: Economic power and political power, union bargaining power, work actions or strikes, publicity

Interest: return on investment
Power: Voting power, rights to inspect company books and records

Interest: receive fair exchange, safe and reliable product
Power: Economic power and legal power, boycotting bring suit again company for damages based on harm caused by the firm
Interest: Being paid on time
Power: Economic power, refuse to meet orders if contract is being breached, supply to competitors instead

Interest: Receive repayment of loans, collect debts and interest
Power: Legal power, Calling loan payments, utilizing legal authorities

Power companies (distributors):
Interest: Add to their line of business, reliable product
Power: Economic power, boycotting
Nonmarket Stakeholders Tidal Power Plant Communities Governments Activist groups/
Environment Media General Public Boaters/fishermen Communities:
Interest: employ locals, local environment is protected, local area is developed, tourism
Power: Political power and economic power, urge government to pass new laws

Interest: promote economic development in natural power, ensure policies and regulations are being followed
Power: Political power, issuing permits, allowing/disallowing industrial activity, adopting and regulating laws

Activist Groups (Environment):
Interest: Watch company to make sure they conform to legal and ethical standards and protect the publics/environment’s safety
Power: Political power, gain public support and lobbying government for regulation
Interest: Keep public informed
Power: political or economic power, portray the project well/bad or gain/loss support

General Public:
Interest: protect environment, minimize risks, achieve prosperity
Power: political power, support activists, pressure the government for change, praising the project

Interest: will this affect our work/recreation sports?
Power: economic power
Ethics Government Policies Social Responsibility What are some of the ethical issues that could arise, and how will you handle them? How does the company proceed with this project in a socially responsible manner? What existing or new government policies or regulations need to be addressed? Possible Environmental Ethical Issues Wildlife habitats, and breeding areas
Birds, fish
9 State for Federeally protected wildlife species
Seabed erosion/ foundations
impact of turbines on the water
Flow acceleration, sedimentation, temperature Other Ethical Issues Navigational risks
Recreational and commercial fisheries
Stripped bass, and lobster
Blocking factor of turbines Federal-
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in accordance with the Federal Power Act.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Environmental Protection Agency

State and local-
Department of Environmental Services
Public Utilities Commission

Design and manage a public relations program to form a relationship with the media
Send constant information about the project to the media
Open the doors to dialogue with the stakeholders
Proactive, view media as a positive force, promote and boost the project's image
New technology uses lateral motion rather than a head of water
Undersea units are safe from storms and ship traffic
Predictable and inexhaustible
Tidal farms constructed as they become economical.
4 times more efficient than wind by volume (15m vs. 60m)
Government Subsidies ($.11/kWh)
Value Proposition What is the “value proposition?” Who are the stakeholders, what is the nature of their interest, and what is the nature of their power? Stakeholders d Media Management How will you manage the media? Assess the impact on the environment
Implement in an environmentally friendly way
Provide power to local residents first
Educate others about the benefits of tidal power
Cost benefit analysis
Is this project economically feasible?
Thank you! Agenda Value Proposition
Media Management
Ethical Issues
Proposal Conclusion

Proposal Conclusion More efficient than other natural sources of energy
Beneficial to local communities
Good location: one of the strongest currents and easy adaptability for the power company
Public policy must be used to mitigate potential environmental impacts
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