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Ancient Egypt religion

No description

Jo-Lie Ang

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt religion

Animal Worship
Believed that the gods appeared in real life in the form of animals
People can be condemned to death for deliberately killing a sacred animal
Holy: cat, crocodile, bull
Also a symbol for the pharaoh
over 2000 gods
saw signs of gods in everything
myths and legends about gods helped explain the forces of nature
could take animal form, human form, or a combination of both
universe made out of nothingness
religious practices --> famous features
Sun god
Creator of the universe
Lord of heaven and Earth
First Egyptian god

God of the Underworld, Death, and Resurrection
God of fertility and vegetation

Protective goddess
Helped people in need
God of writing and knowledge
Healer of the sick
God of evil, darkness and chaos
Lord of embalming
God of death
3 parts to the soul: ka, ba, akh
Ka: remains in the burial tomb
Ba: the soul- free to fly outside the tomb
Akh: the part which goes to the afterlife

more than 200 spells (The Book of the Dead)
journey was very dangerous
weighing of the heart
against the feather representing Ma'at (the goddess of justice)
more: eaten by Ammit
less: will live happily in the Afterlife
Journey to the afterlife
Ancient Egypt
Religion guided every aspect of Egyptian life
Details changed over time as some gods changed importance

Thank you for listening
Temple Worship
Seen as the home of a god
Each day given a new set of food and clothes
Religious festivals - statue of the god carried around in a procession
respected and honored by the egyptians
closely connected to the gods and goddesses
kept crops safe from mice
preyed on cobras
punishment for hurting a cat can be death
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