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Marketplace Business Simulator

Marketplace is a fun way to learn about business. You will compete in a fast-paced market where customers are demanding and the competition is working hard to take away your business.In Marketplace, you will gain tremendous business experience by making

Haider Mohammad

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Marketplace Business Simulator

Double click anywhere & add an idea Quarter 1
Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Quarter 5 Quarter 7 Quarter 8 Quarter 9 Quarter 6 Organize The Firm Setup Shop Go Test the Market Skillfull Adjustment Invest in the Future Expand the Market Offering Refine the Business Strategy Push to Close Out the Year Finito Name the Company Sell 1,000,000 in Stock Assign Responsibilities Contract for Market Survey Analyze Market survey Choose Overall Business Strategy Design Brands Build a Factory Hire a Sales Force Price Brands Design an Ad Campaign Schedule Production Purchase Market Research Review Market Data Adjust Firm's Strategy Adjust Firm's Tactics Prepare Business Plan Seek Investment from VC Introduce New Brands Add New Sales Offices Add Factory Capacity Introduce New Brands with R&D Add Sales People Add Sales Offices Expand Production Study Market Data Refine Brand Design Surpass Competition Implement Sales Force Incentives Refine Marketing Tactics Capitalize on Strongest Quarter of the Year This completes your experience in our Virtual Business World
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