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Separation Anxiety Disorder

Abnormal Psychology Professor Nate Thoma Fordham University

Lauren Robeson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Separation Anxiety Disorder

Double click anywhere & add an idea Separation Anxiety Disorder Case 20- "I Can't Live Without You"
Separation Anxiety Disorder Eva, 10 years old
Contracted pneumonia, stayed home for 2 weeks
Complained of feeling sick and threw tantrums when it was time to go back to school
Accused mother of being cruel and wanting to get rid of her Case 20- Details Case 20- Details Cont. Feared her mother and father would die while she was at school (Called it “The Fright”)
Father has heart condition
Mother had near-fatal boating accident
Wanted to feel secure & protected
Faked suicide attempts to gain attention
Had a tumultuous relationship with her mother (arguing & screaming matches)

Case 20- Treatment 2 stages of therapy
1st Stage:
Control pervasive anxieties, depressed mood, and suicidal ideation (in part through SSRI antidepressant Celexa)
Stabilize relationship with mother
Work with mother to get Eva to return to school
2nd Stage
Psychotherapy (discuss feelings, reassure she is loved by parents)

Case 20- Prognosis Good progress
Lifelong vulnerability to depression
Mother’s mood has a negative impact on her
Anxiety symptoms have not completely remitted Anxiety Disorders of Childhood & Adolescence Like adults, children have anxiety disorders
Children with anxiety appear to share many of the same characteristics as adults

Unrealistic fears
Sleep Disturbance
Feelings of inadequacy Cope with anxiety through over-dependence for support & help
Excessive dependence leads to Separation Anxiety Disorder

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