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Presentation Software

Presentation Software

Nur Ameerah Abdul Rahim

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Presentation Software

What is Presentation Software ?
Presentation software (sometimes called "presentation graphics") is a category of application program used to create sequences of words and pictures that tell a story or help support a speech or public presentation of information.
What are the functions of Presentation Software ?
What are the advantages of using Presentation Software ?
Who uses Presentation Software ?
Many people make use of presentation software to support them when they have to give a presentation to others. Here are few examples :
Our Group Members
Andy Reza Rohadian Bin Khairul Anwar

Nur Ameerah Binti Abdul Rahim

Yuhana Shazlin Binti Mohd Tarmizi

Nur Amirah Arinah Binti Shafie

Nur Syahirah Binti Selamat
Presentation Software
An editor that allows text to be inserted and formatted.

A method for inserting and manipulating graphic images

A slide show system to display the content
What are the limitations of using Presentation Software ?

Often have to give presentation to customers, clients or managers. They need to be able to present facts and figures perhaps to let the managers know the sales performances or perhaps to show customers their latest projects
Allows teachers to organize their lesson accordingly rather than losing videos and audio clips that they could have had stored in a presentation
Often asked to create presentations about a topic they have been studying. They may be asked to show their presentations the rest of the class.
Easy to use
Students as well as teachers, can make digital presentations with little training on the software itself
Notes projected for you & your students
During the lesson presentation, the projected notes help to keep you on track
Supports the inclusion of multimedia
Text, visuals, animations, audio, and video clips can be included
Supports Interactivity
Presentations can include hyperlinks and navigation buttons to better support the learning process
Excellent for summarizing facts
Instead of writing the whole story or fact, you can easily write the summary or the key point
And lots more of advantages...
Such as..
Presentation are easy to be edit

Great for showing graphs, charts, diagrams to an audience

Can create a set of handouts for people to write on whilst the presentation being given

Allows you to face the audience and make eye contact rather than facing the screen
When there's good, there's bad, too..
Just Words
Many students are visual learners, so without visuals in your presentation they may not learn.
Too much on one slide
Some people put too many words on one slide, making it hard for the audience to understand the key point of it
Too many "bells and whistles"
Use of too many irrelevant sounds, transitions, or animations can be distracting
Other limitations include ..
Not good for presenting certain kinds of information such as complex math questions.

Some presentation software need internet connection to operate

It is all too easy to make a bad presentation with too many things on the slides.

Presentation software refers to any software that uses slides or series or path of related virtual pages to present information to an audience.
The information can be pictures, video, audio or text, and usually is made in such a way to make the information more visually available to the individuals watching it.
www. presentation-software-review.toptenreviews.com


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