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Official Exam Sample Questions

No description

Majed Khoury

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Official Exam Sample Questions

Comprehension Questions
Literal Level:
Identify (state, recognize) certain information in a text
Interpretive Level:
Main ideas/details
Story elements (character, plot, setting, theme)
Cause-effect relation/ compare-contrast relation
Summary / outline
Critical Level:
Find faults
Point of view
Fact and opinion
Creative Level:
Express emotions
Produce own version
1- What is the function of the first paragraph?
a- Arouse interest
b- Introduce the subject
c- Define important key terms
d- Give thesis statement
2- In what ways are the introductory and concluding paragraphs of the above text thematically related?
a- Both talk about the same idea
-What background information does the first paragraph add to the rest of the article? What purpose does the introduction serve?
An introductory paragraph usually serves to attract the readers’ interest and attention, to provide background information, and to introduce the thesis statement.
4- How does the writer of the above text observe the above mentioned points?
5- The opening paragraph of the above text doesn’t seem to contain a clear thesis statement. Reread the paragraph and skim through the text to supply your own thesis statement.
6- How does the title reflect the main idea of the above text?
Since the title reveals the main idea so it is related to the essay. (Give examples)
7- Do you find the writer of the above article successful in his choice of the title? Explain.
8-How does the writer of the above text achieve objectivity?
a-By using the third point of view
b-Being neutral. The writer does not interfere in the work.
9- How does the writer achieve credibility? What means of support does the writer use to achieve credibility? Give specific examples to illustrate your point of view.
- Being knowledgeable about the topic
- Using evidence (facts, dates, numbers, personal experience, …)
10- Select 3 types of audience who might be interested in the above reading text and then state the interest each type finds in it.
11- There is an obvious touch of irony in sentence # in paragraph # what is ironical about it?
12- Paragraph # contains a paradoxical situation. Identify the paradox and then explain its meaning.
13- How are paragraphs # thematically related? What cohesive links direct/indirect does the writer use to emphasize the relationship?
14- Comment on the function of the last sentence in paragraph #.
- It could be a link.
- It could reinforce the main idea of the paragraph.
- It could prepare the reader for …
15- What thematic link is there between paragraphs #?
16- What is the tone of the writer? What contrasting tones do paragraphs # reflect? Justify.
17- What is the dominant mood in paragraph #?
18- Does the writer follow the organizational order of introduction, body, and conclusion? Explain.
19- What purposes do the questions in paragraph # serve?
- Shed light on the issue
- Draw reader’s attention
- Show the inability of the writer to find a solution
20-What organizational pattern does the writer use in paragraph #? Explain.
-Listing, classification, compare/contrast, cause/effect, description, definition, illustration, exemplification, chronological order
22- What is the purpose of listing examples in the first two paragraphs of the above text?
- Achieve credibility, arouse interest, clarify the ideas, push the reader to take a stand
24- Identify the figures of speech in paragraph #. What purpose does each serve?
- Beautify the style
- Gain reader’s interest and appreciation of the ideas
25- Pick signals that indicate contrast.
26- Fill in the following cloze-type exercise with suitable prepositions, adjectives, and nouns.
27- Select from paragraph # all the words that have negative/positive connotations. How do such words convey the tone of the writer?
28-What type of introduction does the writer of the above text use? Justify his/her purpose behind using such a technique?
-Anecdote, definition, quotation, humorous statement, factual statement, historical background, a brief description, a question, …
29- The following statements are false because they contradict the above text. Correct them.
- Replace a word with its antonym
- Change the tense of the verb
- Change the general into specific
- Convert causes into effects
- Attribute an opinion or act to a different person
- Distort the sequence of events

30-Supply a suitable heading to paragraphs #. In four or five sentences, write a summary of the whole article.
31-Draw a character sketch of _________ as portrayed in the above text. (What devices does the writer use to sketch out the major character?)
-What the writer says about him
-What others say about him
-His actions and reactions
-Physical description
32- What message does the writer of the above article convey?
33- What type of writing is the above reading text?
a- Expository: narration, description, illustration, process-analysis, cause/effect, compare/contrast, classification, and analysis.
b- Persuasion: (argumentative)
34- Writers often use words or phrases called hooks to link ideas, sentences, or paragraphs. Which phrases link the following?
35-What is the purpose of the text?
-Explain, debate, describe, support and stand, report a case, compare and contrast, identify causes and effects, persuade, entertain, criticize, …
Dr Nazih El Bizri Bublic High School/ Saida/ Lebanon
Official Exam Question Models
Best wishes of a successful and a prosperous year
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