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Rizal Life in Spain

No description

Camille De Leon

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Rizal Life in Spain

In Sunny Spain Rizal Life in Spain Secret Departure
for Spain Rizal’s departure for Spain was kept secret in order to avoid detection by the colonial officials and the friars.

Only Uncle Antonio Rivera, Paciano, and his sisters, and some close friends knew. Paciano gave him
700 pesos. Saturnina gave
him a diamond
ring a 35-peso allowance
is regularly
given by Paciano Jose Mercado- Rizal used this name; a cousin from Biñan Rizal departed on board the Spanish streamer Salvadora bound for Singapore He left Calamba early in the morning by carromata (May 1, 1882) After 10 hours of travel... Manila Five days of sailing to Singapore Botanical gardens, buddhist temples, statue of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and some art galleries. Rizal boarded the Djemnah, a french steamer Point de Galle Colombo, Ceylon Indian Ocean Coast of Africa - which he called it an ‘inhospitable but famous land’. Aden Suez Canal City of Suez The Djemnah took five days to traverse the Suez Canal Port Said Naples June 11, 1882 Harbor of Marseilles June 12, 1882 Port-Buo He crossed the Pyrenees and stopped for a day at the frontier town of Port Bou. Barcelona June 16, 1882 Las Ramblas- the most famous street in Barcelona Amor Patrio Rizal as Laong Laan Translation from spanish to
tagalog was done by
M. H. Del Piar. Basilio Teodoro Moran- a friend of Rizal in Manila and the publisher of Diariong Tagalog where Rizal REVISTA DE MADRID - Rizal’s third article written in Madrid Madrid - Rizal enrolled in the Universidad Central de Madrid.
- Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando Romance with
Consuelo Ortega y Rey They Asked me for Verses How could I meet my
Country's need? Paris He joined the Masonic Lodge Acacia in Madrid with a Masonic name of Dimasalang. Rizal becomes a Mason Rizal's Salute to Luna and Hidalgo - Rizal won a prize in Greek.
- He delivered a splendid speech at a banquet at Restaurant Ingles honoring two titans of the brush – Juan Luna and Felix R. Hidalgo. Luna’s canvas Spolarium (gold medal) Hidalgo’s Christian Virgins Exposed to the Populace (silver medal) Studies competed in Spain Licentiate in Medicine
He studied and passed all subjects leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
Licentiate in Philosophy and Letters (Thank you!) Diariong Tagalog- the first Manila bilingual newspaper (Spanish and Tagalog) - Maximo Viola- a medical student and a member of a rich family of San Miguel, Bulacan, Rizal’s friend IN GAY PARIS (1885-1886) - Dr. Louis de Weckert
- Alin Mang Lahi (Any Race) - Dr. Otto Becker- distinguished German ophthalmologist
- “A Las Flores de Heidelberg” (To the Flowers of Heidelberg)
-Dr. Karl Ullmer- a kind Protestant pastor where Rizal stayed
- Aritmetica (Arithmetic) HEIDELBERG LEIPZIG AND BERLIN -Professor Friedrich Ratzel
-Dr. Hans Meyer
-Dr. Feodor Jagor
-Dr. Ernest Schweigger (1830-1905)
-Tagalische Verkunst (Tagalog Metrical Art)
-Madame Lucie Cerdole Calamba Laguna Manila Singapore
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