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Intermodal Terminal - Prichard, WV

Steptoe Presentation - Plymale - September 4, 2012

Frank Betz

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Intermodal Terminal - Prichard, WV

Port of Huntington Tri-State- largest inland port by tonnage in America

Tri-Sate Regional Airport – regional air freight hub

Interstate Highway System - major thoroughfare for national highway transportation system

Heartland Rail Corridor - access to the Port of Norfolk and the world

Regional Commerce Assets

Located on a principal Norfolk Southern rail line and Heartland Corridor

Approximately 100 acre site in Prichard, West Virginia

Bordered by the Big Sandy River with access to highway I73/74 corridor

Industrial and warehousing space coupled with intermodal transportation access

Situated to support multiple transportation markets along the Heartland Corridor

Intermodal Terminal Facts and Figures

Additional Funding

West Virginia 23 Tunnels
Virginia 4 Tunnels
Kentucky 1 Tunnel
Ohio Air Clearance
Intermodal Terminal Impediments

Economic Development Opportunities
A Request for Proposal (RFP) was advertised in July 21, 2012

August 30, 2012 Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, and Secretary of Transportation Paul Mattox, announced Mountaineer Contractors, Inc., of Kingwood, W.Va. was awarded the contract to construct the new intermodal terminal

Contract for site prep construction will be awarded 4-6 weeks after bid opening and will include:
Site prep
Bridge over railroad tracks
Track installation

Approximately 18 – 24 months to complete

Construction Overview
Bob Plymale
West Virginia State Senate
RTI CEO, Director

Heartland Intermodal Gateway
Prichard, WV

Intermodal Freight Terminals Growing Need
Heartland Commerce Corridor
World Economy
Expanding World Container Port System
Doubling World
Carrying Capacity
Increasing World Export Volumes
An Economy
in Transition
Intermodal Transportation
Intermodal Freight Tranpsortation --
Intermodal Passenger Transportation --
Movement of people, goods or services by two or more modes of transportation.
Transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle using multiple modes of transportation.
A facility which offers different modes of transportation for passengers.
RTI Commodity Flow Study
-- Information on existing transportation infrastructure in WV
Double-Stack Initiative (RTI Study)
--Identified need for double-stacked
container transport along Heartland
-- Identified Wayne County as an ideal location for the intermodal terminal near Prichard, WV
--Outlined creation of efficient
railway transportation to support
the intermodal terminal
Funding challenges

--No double-stack cars could be accommodated in West Virginia due to
the height, as well as the square profile of the conveyance
--The following tunnels were identified to make the project viable
Tunnel height and conveyance
Federal Funding for Projects of Regional and
National Significance
--Guaranteed funding for highways, highway safety,
and public transportation totaling $244.1 billion
--Allocation of $90 million for Competition for
Corridors of Regional and National Significance
Federal Funding for Projects of Regional and
National Significance
--Tunnel analysis, clearance issues and enhancement possibilities approved for
WV, OH and VA
--Funding negotiated to allow entire $90 million allocation to be spent in WV
--Norfolk Southern contributes significantly to each state as match
--WV team negotiates match, contribution of land, etc.
--State of WV assumes responsibility for construction of the intermodal terminal
-- Public-private partnership created in 2010 between
Norfolk Southern and several federal and state entities
--Norfolk Southern commits 78 acres of land for the
intermodal terminal
--FHWA Eastern Land Division acts as facilitator of the federal funding
Economic market analysis study performed
Passage of WV Senate Bill 569-created an
Intermodal and Rail Enhancement Fund at $4.3 million per year
Appalachian Highway System Corridors
USDOT TIGER Grant III - $12 million (Federal), awarded on December 14, 2011
Additional $1 million donated for the intermodal terminal from Norfolk Southern to the West Virginia Public Port Authority account
$3.8 million worth of signal infrastructure into and out of the intermodal terminal pledged by Norfolk Southern
Transform the Tri-State Airport Authority to the Tri-State Transportation and Economic Development Authority (TEDA)
--Transform the Tri-State Airport Authority to the Tri-State Transporation and
Economic Development Authority
--Include all modes of transportation: air, rail, maritme and highway
A bill to reauthorize Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs, and for other purposes, while streamlining programs and increasing accountability.
--Provides a steady flow of funding for 2 fiscal years

--Condenses programs for increased efficiency

--Increases target funding for improving the state of
good repair

--Creates new safety requirements for all recipients
--Modifies the TIFIA program by increasing funding
for the program to $1 billion per year

--Increases the maximum federal share of project
costs from 33 percent to 49 percent

--Allows TIFIA to be used to support a related set of projects

--Sets aside funding for projects in rural areas at more favorable terms
--Create model of efficiency to include seamless transportation systems and
economic development networks for the Tri-State region
Interstate 73/74
West Virginia Blue Ribbon Commission on Highways
Transportation and Economic Development Financing
Dead weight tons of the world merchant
fleet have doubled from 672,142,000 in
1980 to 1,534,019,000 in 2012.
Export Volume +61 fold
(1950 to 2012)
1970 - 70 Ports
2005 - 550 Ports

Enhanced rail infrastructure
Increased the flow of consumer goods between the East Coast and Chicago
Created access to West Coast trade and the global ports
Economic and Environmental Benefits
--Wayne County Economic Development Authority (WCEDA) establishes
Western Gate LDC Corporation - five member committee
--Create public-private partnerships for business development opportunities
--WCEDA through Western Gate LDC will establish a new industrial park to
provide avenues for job growth
--Partners will include Norfolk Southern, Virginia Port Autority, freight
forwarders, etc.
--Land Use Opportunities
Transportation Management Area (TMA) is an area designated by the Secretary of Transportation, having an urbanized area population of over 200,000, or upon special request from the governors and the MPO designated for the area.
-- Large pool for grants
-- Increase transit funding and coordination
--Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
--Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA)
--Market Credits
-- Highlighted impediments for shipping containers to and from the region
-- Identified lack of container pool and the absence of an intermodal facilility
-- Recommended further study to investigate and propose solutions for impediments identified

Next Steps
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