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lis lab3

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Brekin'ankels

Breakin' bones

By Ryan and Amir
Rugby and american football
Rugby started in England in 1823 some people think a man named William Webb Ellies but other people think it branched off of soccer.
This sport begin in the United States and Canada on November 1869 Rutgers vs Princeton.
Rugby is played in North America,UK,South africa and over 111 countries!
I play for the Lawerence junior Cardinals.
For rugby you need Head protection,gum shield,and body prtection and cleats.
In football you need shoulder pads,elbow pad,rib pad,helmet mouth peice.
Rugby players use similar stradiges to soccer and american football.
The goal of football is play hard and try your best and never give up.
Ruby vocab attak,foul sending off red card and yellow card.
In football they say that football is a rough game.
5 additional facts
There are only seven players on a offical rugby team.

He was born on November 5 1992 in baton rouge LA
A whole Rugby game is only 14 minutes!
3.There is a current cup/trophy.
4.Rugby is the fastest growing sport in America!
5.American Football branched of Rugby.
soccer----Rugby----American football
2. Odell plays for the New York Giants. He went to Louisiana (LSU) State Universtiy. Odells parents are Heather van Norman and Odell beckam Sr. Odells sister and brother name is Jasmine beckham and Kordell beckam.
Odell Beckam
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