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The Westing Game

No description

abigail graves

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of The Westing Game

The Westing Game By: Abigail Graves Setting: Sunset Towers ( ironic no towers, not facing sunset!)
shore of Lake Michigan 5 stories high. Compostion: Problem: Reading of the will for Sam A. Westing
Charaters: 16 people Hoo family
James Hoo- inventor;owns chinese resturant
Sun Lin Hoo- wants to be in china
Doug Hoo- senior high school 18-track star Wexler family
Dr. Jake Wexler- complainer-podiatrist (foot doctor)
Grace Winsor Wexler- wants to be social climber- shows preference to one child;hostess at resturant;power.
Angela Wexler- Getting married;mom's favorite;internal conflict;wants to be a Doctor;Hurt at shower; hospital ,face is scarred
Turtle Wexler-(also known as Tabitha,Tr or Alice)-brat,tough,kicks;found Sam A. Westing;interested in stock market Theodorakis family
George Theodorakis-Troubled eyes,father of 2 sons
Catherine Theodorakis- Tired eyes, mother of 2 sons;married to George
Theo Theodorakis-senior high school 18-takes care of Christos
Christos Theodorakis-15- has bein diagnosed with a paralizing disease Other people
Sydell Pulaski-single;no one pays attention to her ;hostpitalized
Otis Amber-62 year old delivery man-4th grade dropout
Berthe Crow-Wears black(goth?)Religious;older
Flora Baumbach- dressmaker ;daughter died;old
Dr. Denton deere- Angela's fiance'- plastic surgeon
Josie-Jo Ford-Judge first black woman to be elected;work as a servant in the westing house;owes Mr. Westing money
Sandy McSouthers-Doorman fired from Westing paper mill 20 years ago
Edgar Jennings Plum-inexperianced lawyer for Westings Rising Action: Samuel Westing- dead 65-gamesman;Violet Westing (daughter) died on eve of wedding with George Theodorakis Heirs moved to sunset towers
Turtle Wexler find body;not relevant
Come together for the reading of the will;start game;$10,000 per pair -8 pairs -not clues you have but clues you don't have;Turtle Wexler swallows her clues
meeting at coffee shop-share clues;bomb goes off/cans explode
Third bomb goes off at Angela's Wedding shower. Turning point: Heirs find out that Samuel Westing is not dead he is Disguised as one of the heirs Falling action: Crow kills Sandy by poisoning him with a drink . Denoument: The game is over , crow gets arrested Sumarry: At the beginning 16 heirs moved to Sunset Towers ,and then Sam Westing was found dead on October 31.A few days later, the reading of Sam Westing's will came to be, and it turned out to be a game. All of the heirs were paired together, and they each got a set of clues to help them solve the mystery. Partnerships: pair 1 - Madame Sun Lin Hoo
partner-Jake wexler pair 2- Turtle Wexler
Partner - Flora Baumbach Pair 3- Christos Theodorakis
partner-Dr. Denton Deere Pair 4- Alexander McSouthers
partner-J.J Ford Pair 5- Grace Windsor Wexler
Partner- James Shin Hoo Pair 6- Berthe Erica Crow
partner- Otis Amber Pair 7- Theo Theodorakis
Partner-Doug Hoo Pair 8- Sydell Pullaski
Partner - Angela Wexler
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