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Unit 3 Project

Artifact Deconstruction

Adam Ramsey

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Unit 3 Project

The iPad Don't make the iPhone angry -- you won't like it when it's angry PACKAGING CONSUMERISM RHETRICKERY A Mixed Review Pretty Girl talking about the iPad
Intended for guy audience?
Sex sells
The MAking fun of the name
The poking fun at woman and technology?
Starting video off with a negative?
Showing what the iPad is and isn't
has iPhone operating system, making it similar to iPhone and "useless?"
Obviously has big screen, but NOT a computer The iPad doesn't have: 1.) Camera 2.) Phone 3.) Expandable memory but... it IS designed to make a ton of... The "trifecta": 1 The computer: A lean foward activity The iPhone: for on-the-go 2 3 The iPad: a lean back acativity More Problems Overall? "Two thumbs up...once." MAle Driven again, pretty girl talking technology
Instantly grabs a MAN'S attention
Map of world in b'ground=international feel Giving something woman can relate to, as well By calling it "useless," it could make the tech "nerds" want to buy it just to prove them wrong.
Also, during this sequence, it shows Steve Jobs quite a bit, giving the viewers a recognizable factor Advertised as a lean-back activity, geared toward people who read, and a possible rival to the Kindle and Nook.
"Couch potatoe computing" "Let your guests use it."
Convenient picture of Indian friends using iPad, showing that it is an "international toy." Justin Bieber reference
gotta target the teens, too
And let's not forget the pretty girl, guys. 3...it's a magic number Apple wants the iPad to be your third device
Was this the plan all along? 1.) "The Tease" 2.) "The Setup" 3.) "Final Product...for now" APPLE: "introduce the Mac laptop as the coolest, hippest, gotta-have-it item on the market... OK, phase 1 of 3 complete. Now..." APPLE: "Next, come out with a do-it-all phone, and again, make it irresistable. OK, Phase 2 of 3 complete." APPLE: "NOW, let's hit 'em with phase 3: 'let's mix phases 1 and 2 to make a mega iPhone with a computer-sized screen....OK, project 'make them buy it becasue it's a Mac... complete!"
What will be the next project? Will they expand even further on the iPhone/computer/iPad idea, or will they create something all new that will, with out a doubt, "revolutionize" (once again) the technology world... APPLE: "and let's not forget to market it in a way to make everyone want it, whatever 'it' is." SO WHAT WILL BE NEXT? A Plan?
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