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Charles Henry Byce

by. Selina & Julie

Selina park

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Charles Henry Byce

Charles Henry Byce Charles Henry Byce was born on March 8, at Chapleau, Ontario, Canada. He died on November 30, 1994. He was the second son of Henry Charles Byce and Lousia Saylors. He was a proud father and a loyal husband to Frances Antoinette de Grasse. He was an aboriginal solider. Basic Facts About His Life Hometown Chapleau, Ontario Early Life He was born on 1917 when the first World War was still ranging. His father fought in Europe. His mother was a cree from Moose factory. The Byce family was aboriginal and could not have lots of right. Moose factory : Factory for Aboriginal People Charles's family Problems/Obstacles Byce had a selfish and aggressive personality. So he got shunned by other soldiers. Also he was Aboriginal so he didn't had enough rights. When Byce got shunned by other groups of soldiers, It means the other soldiers doesn't want to get involved with him Shunned! Accomplishments/Success He enlisted himself in the Lake Superior on July4,1940. He earned Distinguished Conduct medal and Military Medal during the Second World War. Also he earned lots of diffrent medals and badges. All Charles Henry Byce's Medals Distinguished Conduct Medal Military Medal What we should learn about Charles Henry Byce? We should learn courage from his action, leadership form his work he did together with his soldiers, Hope form his mind. Yeah~!Y Glossary Aboriginal : aboriginal people or animals of a place are once that have been there from the earliest known time.
Shunned: If you shun something or someone, you deliberately avoid them or keep away from them.
aboriginal shunned Bibliography http://www.network54.com/Forum/28173/thread/1166538008/Charlie+Byce+DCM,+MM+-+Canada's+Most+Decorated+Native+Soldier-


The End Thank You! By. Selina & Julie
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