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katy perry

No description

soph d

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of katy perry

Katy Perry
Hair colour: Black
Real name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
Birth place: Santa Barbara, California, USA
Birthday: October 25th 1984
Nationality: American
Parents: Mary and Keith Hudson
Siblings: Angela and David Hudson
Best friend: actress Shannon Woodward
Her Childhood
Katy grew up in a christian family. The only movie she could watch was sister act 2. The only music she could listen to was christian. Katy is a middle child with an older sister and a younger brother.
Before She Was Famous
Katy Perry started sing from a young age.In 2001 at the age of 15 she released a gospel album called Katy Hudson with the christian music label Red Hill. This was an acoustic album and it was her first . Katy Hudson the album was not a success.

Almost There
Later she started using her mothers maiden name because Katy Hudson was to close to Kate Hudson (the actress).At age 17 katy left her home and moved to los angeles so she could work with Glen Ballard she got signed to colombia records in 2004 but she was later dropped .

She finally got there
Katy was signed to Capitol music and released an album called
One of the boys
in 2008. The song
I kissed a girl
was a smash hit which was on
the album
One of the boys
what is katy perrys brothers name?
what colour is katy perrys hair?
what was her first album?

1st woman to have 5
number one hits on 1
album. She also is the
voice of smurffette in
the smurfs movie and
has won 12 peoples
choice awards.
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