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How did viking myths impact on viking life

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Isabella Holbrook

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of How did viking myths impact on viking life

How did Viking Myths and Stories Impacted on Viking Life?
The Story of Why Odin was One Eyed
Odin's adventure for wisdom and knowledge is never ending. he will sacrifice anything for his aim. he journeyed to Mimir’s well, the well of Urd, located amongst the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. there amongst the well was Mimir, a shadowy being with knowledge unparalleled among the inhabitants of the cosmos. the water from the well made him achieve this status for the water was the reason for his knowledge. Hen Odin arrived he asked for a drink of the water. mimir refused unless he offered an eye in return. Odin then took out one of his eyes and dropped it into the well. when the sacrifice was done Mirmir then got got horn and dipped it into the water and offered it to Odin.
Loki Bound
Loki had always been one the dark side then the good side of the gods. instead of help he destroyed. after manipulating the death of Baldur, he went about slaughtering all the gods and killing them. finally the gods thought that he went too far and that they will capture him. after knowing this Loki ran away from Asgard. he built himself a house with four doors so that he could watch enemy from all directions. He turned him self into a salmon by day and hiding in a water fall nearby and at night he weaved a net for fishing food whilst sitting by a fire. Odin know where Loki was. he went after him and all the gods followed. Loki saw them approaching so he threw his net into the fire and turning himself into a salmon and hid in the stream where there was no trace of his activities to be found. He Odin and the gods found the net in the fire they knew that Loki had shape shifted himself. They headed for the stream after making their own nets. the gods through the net in the stream several times and each one the salmon wouldn't come near. the salmon made a leap downstream to escape to the sea, while he was in the air he was caught by Thor. He tries wiggling out of Thor's grasp by holding by only his fingernails did Thor keep a hold of him. This is why to this day the salmon has a slender tail. Loki turned into his regular form and taken to a cave. the gods bought Loki's two sons and turned one into a wolf. he then killed is brother. Loki was held to three rocks and chains. Skadi placed a poisonous snake on the rock above Loki's head and held the mouth open for the venom to drip down onto Loki's face. The venom were just so poisonous it made Loki shake violently. in which case bought earthquakes in midgaurd the world of humanity. Loki broke the chains and became free to only assist the giants in destroying the cosmos.
For those who share odin values, no sacrifice is too great for wisdom. the fact that odin sacrificed an eye is very significant. in all ages the eye had been seen as a poetic symbol for perception in general. that fact that Odin only had one eye was the story for the vikings. As Odin is the chief god, he is responsible to inspire the vikings to be brave courageous and have the wisdom and knowledge to conquer their missions.
Why the Myth was Important?
Of all gods Baldur was the most liked and beloved. he was the chief of the gods and the son of Odin. Baldur was kind, courageous and a kind heartened heart. He began having ominous dreams of some grave misfortune befalling him. Therefore the fearful gods directed Odin to discover the dreams meaning. Odin, Baldur's father then went riding to the underworld to consult an especially wise dead Seeress. When Odin was in disguise, he reached the cold and misty underworld he found what looked like a feast was about occur when he saw the halls arrayed in splendor. Odin woke them and questioned his concern about Baldur. She responded how he would meet his doom. she stopped when she realized who the disguised person was. odin went back to Asgard only to find the gods protecting and not letting anything harm Baldur. After they made the oath, everyone through sticks and rock at Buldar only to laugh at how the bounced back of him. Odin went to Frigg and asked her, “ did all things swear oaths to spare Buldur from harm?” she replied with a yes and everything except the mistletoe. Odin questioned the mistletoe and and the size asking why could that hurt my son. She went and got the mistletoe and brought it to where Baldur was. She told hod to through the mistletoe at baldur so he did. It went straight through him and he fell to the ground dead. The gods were feared. The body was buried. And that is how Baldur died.

The Story of Baldur's Death
Baldur was the most liked gods. He was the son of Odin and Frigg. he was the greatest and most caring. He had a warm heart and was just beautiful. As the son of the Chief of gods, Odin, Baldur was significant in the vikings lives consequently the fact that Odin dies was important and impacted on viking lives. This story was told for a long time. Imagine our king or Queens son dies. Its a very special event.

Explanation on Why the Myth is Important
By Monique & Isabella
Explanation on Why the Myth was Important
The great tree known as Yggdrasil stands in the center of the Norse Cosmos. The branches of the tree support the home of the gods. The Aesir gods and goddesses lived there. this tree is known to grow out of the well of Urd. among it are the norns and one of their greatest techniques was carving runes into Yggdrasil's trunk. carrying intentions throughout the tree it affected the whole nine worlds. Odin envied their powers and wisdom whilst watching them in his seat in Asgard. he wanted to know the runes. since these runes were in the well of Urd and only reveal themselves to fearful and courageous abilities, Odin hung himself from one of the branches of Yggdrasil and stabbed himself with his sword, he called for the runes. after nine nights and days Odin then saw shapes on Yggdrasil. they accepted his sacrifice and not only did they show themselves they revealed all their secrets that lie within them. He then channelled a lot of power.
Odin’s Discovery of the Runes
The runes were the vikings alphabet therefore their way of communicating to each other. imagine how important our alphabet is in our days. the runes were like that back then. After knowing the alphabet, Odin then taught the elves, giants, other gods and men. He used the runes to teach to the people of the health or heathens for writing and wisdom. the runes had all sorts of powers and magic. the runes were also used to guide people into a strong connection of themselves, the earth, the surroundings, the cosmos and the gods. they were several alphabets with numerous of letters. ech alphabet meaning something and having its own power and magic. they also belonged to someone. the runes impacted on the vikings life in a good way. they are very significant.
Viking men and women often use stories of Loki to explain events or myths that they would otherwise not be able to explain. Since Loki was known as a trickster, he often was blamed for the misfortunes of people in the Viking community. Loki was born to a father named Farbauti and a mother named Laufey. Very little is known about both of Loki's parents because Norse mythology was rarely recorded. Loki himself was a father of many children. His children include Hel, Jormungandr, and Narfi, among many others. Some of Loki's children would later become popular characters in Norse mythology. because of the myths and story's related and based on loki were told and important to vikings, Loki impacted on the vikings life in a way with storytelling, mythology and the reason for bad behavior in the viking life.
Explanation On Why The Myth is Important
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