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Iperium :Head Hunting as Growth Hacking


Steve Brumwell

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Iperium :Head Hunting as Growth Hacking

The Sensible Bit.....

Iperium have an empathetic understanding of the entrepreneurial nature required for success.
Experienced in the successful recruitment of multi discipline global opportunities.
Strong connections with Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Venture Capitalists and Industry Leaders.
Tailored and scalable approach to facilitate long term relationships with emerging technology start ups.
Social Networks, Social Software, Collaboration Tools, Game Engines, Online Gaming, Social Gaming, Music 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Mobile 2.0, Interactive & Multimedia Agencies, Semantic Web, Microsharing and Technology Convergence.
Follow Iperium at www.twitter.com/iperium Iperium Consulting are proud to demonstrate their commitment to the Digital Media sectors through the sponsorship of www.europeanstartups.com.

We have worked and continue to do so with the gurus at TechCrunch http://uk.techcrunch.com/2008/07/01/techcrunch-pitch-here-it-comes/.

Iperium have partnered with Doug Richard's School For Start Ups steve@iperiumconsulting.com
david@ / richard@ / alex@
Skype : steve.brumwell Clients Include :
True knowledge/Luluvise/Rangespan/Crowdstorm/State/Bubble Motion
YPlan/Games2Win/Get Taxi/TrustedPlaces + Accel-
Sequoia-Greylock-Doughty Hanson and Atomico Start Ups Roles Fulfilled :
CMO/CTO/CEO/VP Business Development/VP Marketing/Sales/Pre-Sales/Engineering/Project Management/Evangelist/Community Manager/iOS/Android/QA/OPSDEV
Viral marketing/FD/Product Mgmt/Growth Hacking Who are we and what do we do?

* Iperium is a niche head-hunting consultancy in the global technology sectors
* We are interested in long term partnerships not one off deals on inflexible fees
* We work quickly and accurately on a success only basis - shortlists are short and listed
* We work globally through an underground network of spies to provide referrals
* We are nice people and understand start up pressures
* I am a tech geek and will absolutely get you the very best people sharing our passion Oh yes and Prezi! "I've used Iperium for some time to find me good candidates for Crowdstorm. They have been really helpful in taking the work off my hands and I've been very impressed with the level of their involvement and quality of leads generated. They were even very good at nudging me to read through the cv's and give feedback on a regular basis - something I need from time to time"
Phil Wilkinson, Founder, Crowdstorm and Kelkoo UK Steve is one of those people in life you instantly warm to, and he will do his upmost to help assist you, guide you and look to support what you are doing and not SELL SELL ... We have mutual customers and all of them state that Steve and Iperium is best in class and cannot fault him or the team. I would recommend anyone to talk to Steve if they are looking for high calibre people and want to recruit someone who can do what the role requires.” July 2, 2009

Stewart Townsend, VP EMEA, Zendesk Iperium Consulting
Digital Media Global Growth Hacking For The Internet Innovators steve@iperiumconsulting.com Skype Me @ steve.brumwell follow us @Iperium www.iperiumconsulting.com www.iperiumconsulting.com @Iperium steve.brumwell +44(0)7515598525 Peter Arvai
CEO and Co-Founder @ Prezi

"Steve is fast and strong. Great person if you need to get the job done!" Michael Geer
Founder of CauseCart, Advisor, and Consultant

Steve, is a refreshing change from most recruiters you deal with these days. He focuses on being extremely up to date on all the promising internet startups and post-startups and uses that knowledge and personal relationships to find the really desirable roles in the sphere. I find it to be a real comfort that our views on which companies are poised to make a difference, are usually completely in line.
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