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Propaganda 101

Propaganda - ELA Lab Presentation

Daniel Carku

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Propaganda 101

Types of Propaganda
Testimonial: A famous person endorses a product by stating that they use it.
Propaganda 101
You may think you don't know what it is. You actually encounter propaganda everyday. Propaganda is a type of communication that is meant to have an influence on someone.
Bandwagon: When it gives the message that everybody else is doing it.
Framing: The use of bias to promote something
Plain Folks: When the propaganda shows that anybody can do it.
Fear: When you scare the audience into doing something.
We are Anonymous

This is testimonial because they use NBA players to endorse Gatorade by showing that they use it while training.
this is fear because they used a disturbing image to convince you to help fight climate change
this is framing because they are using bias to promote the anonymous group
Turkish Airline Ad
Tips on how to prevent being a victim of Propaganda
Propaganda can make you do different things, one example is you buy a pair of sneakers because you see you favorite athlete wearing them in an ad. That is a type of propaganda where they use celebrities to endorse things. We see things like that on television, billboards, online, in train stations, etc.
Propaganda makers try and change your ideas about things like voting, health (i.e. vaccination, dentistry, etc.), and buying things.
- Who is the Speaker?
- What does the ad want from me?
- Research the topic or product
- Are they telling you the truth
This is testimonial because this celebrity is showing that she uses proactiv.
This is testimonial because this celebrity is showing that she uses this make up.
This gives you the idea that everyone else is in the war but you.
This is plain folks because it shows an average random person. The message is that he was once fat and he lost all this weight by eating subway.
They are using bias to make them look better.
The message that says over 99 Billion served gives you the idea that everyone else is doing it.
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