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JSE Presentation

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Eliana Alemán Reátegui

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of JSE Presentation

The Sacred Valley
Ollantay´s Myth
By: Eliana Alemán, Luana Bardales, Fabricio D'Angelo, Sergio Renteria, Marcelo Felices, Eric Lopez
City of Cusco

Rumi Ñahui Myth
Machu Picchu
Quechua: Vilcamayo
Spanish: El Valle Sagrado de los Incas

The Sacred Valley is between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, parallel to the river Vilcanota.
As time passed and the Inca
Pachacutec died, Rumi Ñahui realized that he had been beaten by Ollantay and designed a plan. Ñahui decided to use the Inti Raymi festivities and took Ollantay as prisioner.
This Inca city is located between the foothills of Mount Salkantay,
in the province of the Convention, Cusco.
The archaeological remains of Choquequirao
are comprised of buildings and terraces on
different levels.

Cusi Coyllur secretly married Ollantay. Inca Pachacutec, Cusi Coyllurin's father decided to separate them and sent her to an Acllawasi and did not allow his daughter to marry Ollantay.

Machu Picchu in quechua means: old person or old mountain.
The city of Cusco is located in a fertile valley fed by several rivers in the heart of the Peruvian Andes of south America.

It was a small city, it has only 5 square miles; but it had more than 150 buildings for a population of 800 people.
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