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Sy Kessler Inc

No description

Adrian Chavez

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Sy Kessler Inc

Sy Kessler Background Internal Communication 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Current use of External Communication E-mail is primarily used to contact clients
Submit POs Strengths vs Weaknesses Software that allows large customers to place orders (EDI, VendorNet, and Commerce Hub)
Helps keep track of large orders when compared to emails
Makes the company more professional when they use software to track orders
A Customer service department
Made up of five people, they closely work with the sales team to resolve any order issues
Great back up for the sales team
Trade show visits
Targeting potential customers that need their products instead of the general public Recommendations Heavy reliance on email
Recommend Google+ integration
Help customer identify with company
Google Chat will serve as a multi-facet tool:
Internal communication between staff in place of long chained emails
Stand-in for face-to-face meetings that may be viewed as less important
Backup communication for email system Impacts of Recommendations Historical Technologies Internal Communication Internal Communication Alex Patton
Erik Velasquez
Alyx Crawford
Adrian Chavez
Holly Ward Sy Kessler Inc Group Members Sy Kessler Inc Sy Kessler Inc Current Use of Internal Communication at Sy Kessler E-mail is the primary technology used at Sy Kessler for communication (followed by face-to-face, then telephone, with memos and meetings very rare)
All managers own smartphones and used these as primary technology to E-mail and call
“Extensive and somewhat excessive commitment to E-mail”
Ability to forward information to sever parties
Attach spreadsheets and documents quickly
“Efficient 24 hours a day”
The more they use it the more they swear by it Telephone use is only used when an important, immediate answer is needed•
Managers to Manager communication is primarily E-mail while Manager to employees is face-to-face or telephone•
Sales department to warehouse department communication is vital
Internal Proprietary Software System
Customer order is received and manually entered into CRM (customer relation mgmt.) system
After credit clears, order prints at warehouse where they fill the order, and have the package shipped Strengths
Avoidance of organized meetings can make for an efficient, fast-paced environment
Being a small business, being in close proximity makes it easy to find who you are trying to contact if other technologies fail or aren’t quick enough
Administrative support approves dealers by communicating to managers Weaknesses
When E-mail fails
Several people are part of one group E-mail—hard to reach consensus in reasonable time frame
Meetings can avoid this
If E-mail system went down, would have to primarily use telephone. “Business would slow by at least 75%”
Important subjects do require meetings, owners won’t leave their computers Perceptions of the effects of the technology
Very few face-to-face meetings
Meetings viewed as a waste of time by owners, but seen as somewhat necessary by management
Owners spend too much time on their computers, causing occasional breakdowns in communication (another weakness)
Employees find that a short meeting can avoid a never ending chain of E-mails
They also find that E-mails are probably overused in the company
The dependence would cripple communication in the event of a server crash
Warehouse communication via the Internal Proprietary Software System
Efficient but the lack of a back-up system can be a problem Family owned business run by 2 brothers
Sell jeweler’s equipment to distributors
Gold/gemstone testers
Batteries External Communication Phone system is also used to communicate with customers
Orders are also excepted through the phone Trade shows are used as a face to face communications
Sales people travel to trade shows one or two times a year
This allows them to sell nationally and internationally Strengths Weaknesses EDI, VendorNet, and Commerce Hub does not drop orders into Steam V
People enter the order manually into Steam V allowing room for mistakes
No online ordering
Sy Kessler only has a printed catalog on their website and it is difficult to find items
They don’t keep a digital image of customer POs
They retain the hard copy for many years Alyx Crawford Alyx Crawford Sy Kessler
Sons Danny and Henry Kessler
Swiss Brand Renata
GemOro Brand Modern Communication Face-to-face
Telephone/ Smartphones
Stream V/ Software System Early Communication Telephone
Print Advertisements
Meetings Extinct Communication Pagers
Phone Receptionist
Internal E-mail Who is Renata? Company founded in 1952
Provides coin cells
Watches, medical technology, RFID, radio control Erik Velasquez Erik Velasquez Erik Velasquez Erik Velasquez Adrian Chavez Adrian Chavez Alyx Crawford Alyx Crawford Alyx Crawford Perceptions of the Effects of Technology Little face to face time with clients
Human Error in data entry Adrian Chavez External Low social media visibility Recommend introductory Facebook and Twitter accounts for the company
Facebook to gather followers, increase company's mass visibility on emerging media
Twitter to establish connections with customers and clients
@Macys Thanks for stopping by the booth at #CES2013
Establishes a relationship with Macys via @ tag, desirable for business relations 
Establishes participation in CES 2013 via #Free publicity in relevant context Current product ordering process allows gaps for human error, and could be streamlined. Recommend a more streamlined order structure
Customers submit orders via online form
Form is reviewed by sales rep (instead of filled out by sales rep)
Form is submitted directly to Stream V External Alex Patton Alex Patton Alex Patton 1973 – Telephone and face-to-face for sales and customer relations.
Used pagers until about year 2000
Used inner-office email until about 2006. No external email until then.
Used live receptionist to answer all incoming calls until 2007; started using voice mail boxes.
Used their website employed in 2005
Used print advertisements in trade magazines used since 1993 Potential Problems to Solve through advances in company technologies. Resistance to change.
Renata expects huge sales growth annually
Internal communication weaknesses Applied Theory - 4 Dimensions of media richness - Capacity for Instant Feedback does it allow immediate response. If it does it is “rich,” if not it is “not rich.”
Multiple Communication Cues. Examples: cues are physical, verbal, graphic, textual, etc. the more cues used the richer the communication is.
Use of Natural language rich media, the alternate is unnatural language is not rich media.
Personally focused it is rich. IMPACT of Internal Communication Recommendations at SykesslerGoogle+ page Strengths: Clients and potential consumers to put a face to Weakness: Google is “the new kid on the block” when compared to Microsoft
Microsoft says it has around 40 million customers
Google reports less than 1 million Compromise privacy to use the technology. It is the bull in the china closet of privacy. Applied Theory Multiple Communication Cues. The more cues used the richer the communication is.
Textual Google’s instant messenger
Strengths –
Instant message = Instant feedback.
Applied Theory – Capacity for instant feedback allows for an immediate response, so this is rich media. Group Feature in Google IM –
Multiple parties participate in real-time discussions.
Weaknesses –
Losses in productivity due to personal use of instant messaging.
Concern about usability problems
Concern about the lack of structure
Lack of security features found in e-mail and the like.
Applied Theory - Personally focused – it is rich. Video Chat –
Strengths –
Replace face-to-face meetings
Reducing the impact of scheduling conflicts for attendees.
Can act as a fallback system in the event of an email system failure.
Weaknesses: Problems with reliability in device connectivity
Applied Theory - Multiple Communication Cues.
Physical and verbal - The more cues used the richer the communication is.
Use of Natural language – This is rich media IMPACT of External communications at Sykessler Catalog and phone in orders.
Strengths –
Instant communication.
Weaknesses –
Hard to document conversations.
Outdated for most uses for technology in communications.
Applied Theory - Multiple Communication Cues
Graphic & textual - the more cues used the richer the communication is.
Use of Natural language – Verbal – this is rich media Stream V (an automatic internal order processing program)
Strengths –
Reduces the human translation errors
Synchronized creation of automatic digital purchase order
Weaknesses –
Streaming speed
Applied Theory – Rich and less Rich Media
Less Rich Media – Use of Natural language –unnatural language is not rich media.
Personally focused – it is rich. Facebook –
Strengths –
The fan page it is an excellent way to raise interest
It’s free and you have access to a very large audience.
Weaknesses –
Intention of users is uncontrolled.
Full understand of all of the features on Facebook.
Applied Theory –
Capacity for Instant Feedback – this is rich media
Multiple Communication Cues.
Verbal, graphic, textual, - the more cues used the richer the communication is. This is rich media.
Use of Natural language – This is rich media
Personally focused – This is rich media Holly Ward Twitter –
Strengths –
Continued growing popularity and connectivity.
Gives the company a face that customers can see.
Real-time updates on products and other industry information.
Venue to create a more personal and relevant connection with either a business or an individual consumer.
Presence in the Twitt-o-sphere with hash-tags
Broad exposure to networks of competitors, current customers and future customers.
High level of connectivity and involvement of the company.
Defined brand or identity.
Information gathering relative to the company made simple for trade shows, activity of industry giants, regulatory entities, trade show hosts, and news outlets.
Provision for research
Understanding the correct audience and tone to market products for current and potential customers
Limit on communication to a 150 character limit.
Training employees to use the technology properly
Inconsistency because of more than one user to follow company policies.
Applied Theory –
Capacity for Instant Feedback – This is rich media.
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