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Caddies Creek Public School Principals Address

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Melissa Nichols

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Caddies Creek Public School Principals Address

2013 Highlights
10 Year Celebrations
Caddies in Concert

On 21st March we celebrated 10 years of quality education at Caddies with a morning tea and whole school assembly. We invited past school staff members, P&C Executive and previous captains. Every student and special guest received a gift bag with mementos celebrating our 10 years.
In 2013 our NAPLAN results were excellent. Once again, our overall student performance in both Year 3 & Year 5 were above the state average.
ICAS Competitions
In 2013 our results in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools were very impressive. We had a significant number of students achieving credits and distinctions, with thirteen students receiving high distinctions.
This year we have 942 children enrolled at CCPS.
147 of which are in Kindy
263 of which are in Stage 1
280 of which are in Stage 2
242 of which are in Stage 3
Kindergarten 2013 have shown themselves to be very mature. It is hard to believe it was only February this year that they started 'big school'.
They have been involved in many different activities. Some include
Dance Group
Calmsley Hill Farm excursion
The main evidence of our success as a learning institution lies in the calibre of our students. They are indeed Colossal Caddies Kids. Wherever and whenever they venture into the community we receive unsolicited excellent reports on their wonderful behaviour and citizenship. They are;

C - co-operative
O - obliging
L - loyal
O - orderly
S - self-disciplined
S - sensitive
A - adaptable
L - learners

Stage 3 Highlights

- Our school is an effective example of a positive learning partnership between the home and school. This strong link supports and maximizes the learning of our students. Thank you to all parents and care-givers. In particular, our grateful thanks go to our P&C Committee and P&C members for their tireless efforts. Our community is:

C - co-operative
A - aspirational
R - resourceful
I - involved
N - nurturing
G - generous

- Our Community Award Recipient for 2013 is.......

It has been said that
“ A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others”

Certainly the super staff at Caddies Creek are all candles.
Our teachers and support staff are SUPER as they are;

S - staunch and steadfast supporters of Caddies Students
U - united and collaborative team members
P - pro-active planners of wonderful learning programs
E - enthusiatic facilitators of social, cultural and sporting opportunities
R - respecters of student difference and diversity

Looking forward to 2014
10 Year Celebrations
• All learning spaces have interactive whiteboards with access to printers.

• 127 Ipads are used K-6 and in the library.

• 160 Microsoft Surface tablets used Yr 3 – 6 with most classes having 1 device between 2 students.

The library is the learning hub of our school.
Not only do we offer before and after school access and weekly class borrowing but students have access to the smart board, computers and Ipads.
Thanks to the generous support of you the community through the hard work of our P&C, our library was refurbished with ultra modern tables and chairs and ottomans. This wonderfully facilitates 21st century learning.

Caddies in Concert
“Caddies in Concert” was held in our school hall 29th October where the talent of our students was showcased. It was a resounding success! The children performed absolutely superbly. It was quite incredible to see the number and quality of performances in one primary school! Things went like clockwork, with remarkable precision.
Kindergarten Highlights
Congratulations to our 2013 Community Award Recipient

Michelle Smith!
Community Award
As the curtains draws on 2013 we look forward to exciting times in 2014 as we implement the new NSW English Syllabus based on the National Curriculum. In addition, we will be planning for the New Maths Curriculum which will begin in 2015.

On behalf of the Caddies Staff, I would like to extend to all families Christmas Greetings and our warmest wishes for relaxing and restful family holidays.

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