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Wolves of The Beyond

No description

Scott Winningham

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Wolves of The Beyond

Wolves of The Beyond
Lone Wolf

Faolan is a young wolf that was abandoned when he was just a new born pup. He thinks he his happy but until he was lonely he was sad. Animals think that he his a great young pup and with be a true wolf one day.
Thunderheart is a mother bear that was grieving for death because all her cubs died from different animals but she found Faolan and she nursed him. Falon his the only animal that she knows. Faolan loved her so much he never wanted to leave her. Foalon named her Thunderheart because when he was little her heart would make a BOOMING sound and he liked it a lot.
Gwynneth is an owl that was raised by a different mother because her mother was murdered by the pure ones she is a blacksmith. people think she is crazy.
It takes place in the wolf and bear country on the border of their land is the HOOLIAN KINDOM. The time takes place in winter, summer, fall, and spring.
This is the place were Foalon was found.
This the the cave before time foalon found it when he was searching for Thunderheart
This is the summer den were Foalon and Thunderheart lived.
This is the den were Foalon and Thunderheart stayed for the winter.
Character Vs. Nature
Why it this story is vs. nature because Foalan was just a pup and he ended up in a raging river. The river was so massive it could swallow a tree whole. As the massive river ragged on the narrow little pup Foalan was gripping on to a arctic, damp, iceberg. He fell off frantically trying to hold on but the water took him the sound of the river terrified him. When he was growing bigger and stronger he left one day to go hunt. Thunderheart woke up and it was winter time. She went looking for him when Foalan came back she was gone he waited and waited but she never came the the frozen river broke and came to life and in that moment Foalan knew that something bad has happen to his beloved Thunderheart
The theme is don't give up what you believe in. Don't be sad and think your lost and lonely. The last one is be friendly an kind to people that be nice to you.
Point of View
The point of view is 3rd person limited point of view because you hear the thoughts from all of the characters of the story

Look interesting?
Then read the books and maybe even read the whole series!
first book:Lone Wolf Second Book:Shadow Wolf
Third Book:Watch Wolf Forth Book:Frost Wolf
Fifth Book:Spirit Wolf Sixth Book:Star Wolf
Already read the series? Kathryn Lasky made a different series too!
The beginning of the book Foalon was still in her birth mothers stomach. She was frantically looking for a den away from her clan the MC, Duncan clan. she found a den that had a faint odor of a fox she said to her self that the den would do for now. A different wolf was tracking her down and it was closing in fast for a old wolf . The wolf was a female and she was part of the MC, Duncan clan her rank was a Obea the second to last rank of the wolves. She found the other wolf. The wolf had three pups the Obea took a pup with a splayed paw. The Obea took the pup and threw it into the raging river. So it could drown and die.
Rising Action
A bear was sad because her bear cubs had died. So she wanted to die too. Then something caught on her leg she picked it up and it was a wolf pup she said this is a gift so I shall take care of this spark of life Until I die peacefully.
Thanks For Watching
Thunderheart took care of this pup she was happy to have such a little one that lasted a long time. She decided on a name Foalan. The pup made a little yip sound and that made her happy. When three moons past Foalan was a young one but bigger Thunderheart taught him how to use his splayed paw and it was stronger than ever when he got older he was eating caribou and salmon. They worked like a team and they liked it. But on the first snow fall Thunderheart went into a deep sleep. One day Foalon went out to hunt Then the deep stir of a heart beat got faster by the minute. Then Thunderheart woke up and she waited for Foalan to come back but he didn't so she went to look for him Foalon came back and he was confused so he wait then a rumble shook the ground and the waterfall cracked to life and in that moment Foalan knew something bad has happend.
Foalon ventured out o find his beloved Thunderheart but he couldn't he travled and traveled and still know sign of her. One day he found a cave he went inside of it and found drawings it told stories of Wolves, Owls, and Bears. The cave went on for ever When Foalan came out it was a week later and he traveled toward this white object when he got to it he was about to cry his head off. He howled and a owl heard this noise she found the wolf and she said two birth mothers that is weird. She told Foalan to follow her to where she lives. She said her name was Gwynneth. She told Foalan that her mother was murdered and her father died in battle. So a different owl sat on her to keep her warm. Then she told Foalan about his howling and how amazing it was then she said you need too be a part of a wolf pack and that's what Foalan went to do.
Falling Action
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