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The silurian period

No description

mckenna harbour

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of The silurian period

By: McKenna Harbour and Chris Snyder The Silurian Period The Silurian Period Blast to the Past! The Silurian period happened about 440million- 410million years ago. there are many things that travelers might see. some of them are sea creatures. The travelers will set up their own camp and bring their own food. travelers should pack scuba gear so they can swim under water and see creatures that don't exist today. they should also pack food and camping gear for nights. What should travelers pack for comfort, fun, and safety? Back in the Silurian period there were a few things that could cause danger to travelers such as placondermi fish with jaws and sharp teeth for the first time, animals now living on land, and acanthodii (spiny sharks). the fish now with sharp teeth would cause a threat to the travelers safety and with animals living on land that could cause harm to their health; both the animals and travelers. What dangers might travelers encounter? What where some of the earths features? Contact info: reach us at www.blasttothepast.com
or call us at 260-575-5234

Logo: One major event that took place back then that effects us today is moss and arthropods on land for the first time. One difference that we face today from back then is our coral reefs. They used to be flourished and full of life near the equator but now our reefs are endangered and people wreck them by walking through them and fishing which ruins all the natural habitats. some of the dominant organisms were: sea animals including brachiopods, trilobites, graptolires, and crinoids. some of the major geological events were when all of the continents came together as one giant land mass. How does the Silurian Period Compare to now? The Silurian period compared to present day can be compared by how the environment and land looked. For the first time mosses and arthropods appeared on land which we still have today. A land mass collided with North America Forming Eastern North America and the Appalachian mountains which has an impact on our land today but the animals then and the animals now play a role in our ecosystems and our environments health. Climate then; Climate Now The climate back in this period was witnessed as a relative stabilization of of the earths "general" climate. this period ended the previous pattern of erratic climate fluctuations. Sights that occurred were things such as ice sheets at high altitudes. THE END!
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