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jazz communities

No description

Derek Coughran

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of jazz communities

Double click anywhere & add an idea Jazz Swing Big Band Ragtime Bebop Cool Jazz Scott Joplin, (1867-1917), known as the king of ragtime grew up in Texas and learned to play from his parents and siblings, all of which were muscally inclined. As a young teenager he began to travel with other muscians, which is where his music career trully started. He is most known for the tune that is still activiely played today, Maple Leaf rag.

Joplins Compositions Scott Joplin Wilbur Sweatman Luckey Roberts Tom Turpin William Bolcom Joseph Lamb Composers of Ragtime Charleston Cakewalk Ragtime Dances Maple Leaf Rag Swing Dance Benny Goodman Big Band Singers Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Photos Benny Goodman was of the great performers of both the swing and bigband era. He toured all around the world promting these genres under jazz. Like all other bands of that time, He mostly catered to the wealthy communties and played for big dining halls where the audience could sit, eat and listen to the bang perform. Many artist obtained there fame this way. A good example would be the singers Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin. Both were amazing artist but also did comedy and even acting. During those times, having a well round performer was essential for making big. Dining Halls always demanded performers that could do a little of everything. Miles Davis John Coltrain Both Miles Davis and John Coltrain were major contributos to the progression of Cool jazz and Bebop. Often, Miles and John would play together when they had the chance.
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