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Breaking Beautiful

No description

Emily Hurst

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Breaking Beautiful

Breaking Beautiful
Jennifer Shaw Wolf
Jennifer Shaw Wolf has written two books. Which include, Breaking beautiful and Dead Girls Don't Lie. She grew up in Idaho and now lives in Washington with her four kids and husband. She majored in brodcast communications at Ricks College
I would reccomend this book especially if you like mysteries. It was really interesting and suspenceful. It was full of action and I couldnt put it down.
Allie Davis
Allie is 18 years old and she has a twin, Andrew who has cerebral palsy. Her boyfriend , Trip died in an accident. Before her dad retired from the army her family moved a lot. Then they settled in Pacific Falls.
She has blonde hair what used to be long before the accident but now it is shaved in some spots from the gash. She has brown eyes with a streak of gold in one of them.
Rising Action
Allie pawned off all of the jewelry Trip had given her and threw just about every single memory they had together off of the cliff were the accient happended. Allie noticed someone who had kept following her around. One night Allie got pulled over by the new dective and he started asking her questions about the night of the accident. One day Mr. Phillips, Trips father, was talking to Allie and he gave her the pair of earings she had pawned. Allie had also been getting notes in her locker and other places that were in Trips handwriting..
Background/ Exposition
by Jennifer Shaw Wolf
Trip and Allie were in an accident the night of cotillion. Allie doesn't remember how the accident happened but she got out of Trip's truck somehow and surivived, but Trip, who was driving got killed.
The setting is in Pacific Falls in present day.
Allie and her childhood friend Blake become friends again. Blake takes Allies homework to her that she has missed from not going to school and he gives her the tiger-eye stone that she had though she lost in the accident. Hannah, one of Trip's ex-girlfirends, startes talking to Allie. A new dective (Dective Weeks) comes inn to town and opens up the case of the accident.
Trip Phillips
Trip was the most popular kid at Pacific Falls High school. His girlfiend before Allie was Hannah. Trip died in an accident the night of cotillion. He abused Allie and then he would buy her gifts and Jewelry to try to make up for it. He had a very short temper when it came to certain things.
Blake was Allie's first friend in Pacific Falls. They stopped talking when Allie and Trip started dating. He is a deliquent and the people at school call him "Juvie".
Rising Action Cont.
Allie and Blake have become very close and they work together on the Sweetheart Ball dance. Allie starts to fall in love with Blake.
Allie starts dreaming about the night of the accident, and is beginnginto remember some of the little details. Dective Weeks was in a meeting with Allie and he showed her a shirt that was too small to be Trips, and too big for Allie that was covered in blood. The night before the dance someone had set the gym of the school on fire so the dance couldn't be held at the dance. So they held the dance at the inn. On the night of the dance Allie and Blake got mad at eachother, so they avoided eachother.
Allie now remembers just about everything. At the dance Mr. Phillips gives Allie a picture of herself and Trip the night of cotillion. The police think that Blake was the reason for the fire in the gym so they arrest him. Allie realizes that the accident wasn't an accident and she knows who caused "accident".
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