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Copy of Plot Structure Diagram

No description

Harper Boggs

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Plot Structure Diagram

Basic Situation
Characters, Setting, Conflict
Series of events that occur after the conflict that moves the story forward
All loose ends are tied up
Events/results of the actions or decisions the character has made.
Main Problem/struggle
that the character is facing
Person Vs Himself
you can.
you can't.
Person VS Outside Force
The point of greatest tension that changes the direction of the plot
Whoa, didn't see that one coming!
Slowing winding down to the end of the story....
Conflict is resolved!
Plot Structure Diagram
Rising Action
Falling Action
Characters: Liesel, Max, and Hans

Setting: 1939-1943 in Nazi Germany
Conflict: Liesel is hiding a jew in her basement during the Holocaust
External: man vs. Society
Hans teaches Liesel to read. She starts to love reading so much she begins to steal books from other people.
Max shows up at Liesel's home for help. Max hides in the basement from the german soldiers.
German soldiers visit houses to inspect their basements for bomb shelters. Thankfully, the soldiers do not find Max.
Max leaves the basement and doesn't come back. When he leaves he gets himself into a concentration camp. Later, Liesel sees him in a group of jews walking down Himmel Street.
Hans (Liesel's dad) joins the German army. He breaks his leg in a car crash and has to come home.
The sirens are to late and bombs fall on Himmel Street. Liesel lives because she was writing in the basement.
Max survives the concentration camp. He finds Liesel a few years after the bombing.
The Book Thief
Max leaves Liesel a blank book for her to write stories in. She starts to write the story of her life.
By: Harper
Liesel finds a book on the ground called The Grave Digger's Handbook. When she sees the book she wants to read it.
Liesel goes outside and grabs a snowball for Max. They make a snowman together in the basement. It starts to get cold in the basement and Max gets sick.
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