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Inspirational eTwinning

Valentina Garoia

on 12 January 2011

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Transcript of eTwinning

Why eTwinning? Inspiration Involvement Innovate

"My first phase was that
of eagerness:
I was impatient to
try out all the tools,
exploit all learning
negotiate and
create projects".
... ''Then a second phase
came: when 'together'
suddenly became the
core word of my
eTwinning experience".

(eTwinning teacher
from Italy) "Your own ideas can
grow in beautiful
inexpected ways in someone else's hands." "I came to eTwinning driven by curiosity".

(eTwinning Teacher from the UK) “eTwinning for me means developing;
increasing my professional abilities.” "Sharing is fertile!" eTwinning Twinspace "When I discovered eTwinning it looked like an enormous world, full of many new possibilities and promising suggestions..."

(eTwinning teacher from Lithuania) "I, as a teacher, had to learn to become a facilitator, rather than an instructor fro my pupils. I made them responsible for carrying out the project and deciding on its end products. All the projects were pupil-led to a large extent. [...]"
I have always worked with the philosophy when
engaged in eTwinning: teachers are all highly professional
people, but many have different skills, so it is important to
foster these skills in any project you develop".

(eTwinning teacher from the UK) "Not only the children learn!
Participation in eTwinning projects, workshops and learning events helped me to use mobile technologies in education and shift from
a position of the media follower to their creator."

(eTwinning teacher from Slovakia) "Using eTwinning opens a lot of new doors, not only for the pupils but also for teachers and schools leaders."
(eTwinning teachers from Norway) Create your project
Network with other teachers
Involve partners across Europe
Share experience and ideas Innovate your use of ICT
Empower your pupils
Use Web 2.0 tools Enjoy your teaching experience
Develop professionally
Get recognition for your work "In my case, I have found and worked with an
ever-increasing network of really outstanding
individual teachers in all eTwinning countries, may
of them are now very good personal friends. eTwinning teacher from Italy:

"Shared experiences generate learning [...] and sharing is the force that keeps the
eTwinning world in motion".
"This approach produced such good work that I have incorporated increasingly into my normal teaching."

(eTwinning teacher from Poland) eTwinning Desktop eTwinning Portal
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