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Southern Arctic Ecozone

By: Ahmed Abdalla, Hasan Baig, Nisit Naidu

Hasan Baig

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Southern Arctic Ecozone

shorten the speech and just say more
Human Geography
Physical Geography
Southern Arctic Ecozone
By: Hasan Baig,
Ahmed Abdalla, Nisit Naidu

Environment Problems
Richardson Mountains
largest of 3 arctic terrestrial ecozones
rolling uplands & lowlands
plain & hills on Canadian Shield
tundra soils
bare rock & igneous
many glacial erratics & eskers
shrub - dwarf birch, willows & heath
herbs and lichens
many ponds & wetlands
provides food and habitat for wildlife
glacial moraines & deposits
covers NW, QB, YK, NV & Labrador
Hudson Bay - marine environment
Dwarf Birch
this is a lake,.
Human Activities
Population: 14,470
GDP: $0.15B Can
mostly primary industries:
hunting, trapping, fishing
secondary industry:
Mining & Mineral Development
Tertiary industries
Mr. Caap
Mr. Caap
Climate Type: Continental Arctic
Growing Season: June to September
Temp. Range: -30'C to 13'C
Total Annual Precipitation: 250mm to 400mm
Avg. Annual Temperature:
Rankin Inlet
Global Warming
Fun Fact:
Every single animal on a Canadian coin can be found in the Southern Arctic.
Major Cities
Rankin Inlet, Tuktoyaktuk, Povungnituk
not a wide diversity of animals
closely knit Food web
if a certain species pop. fell it will cause imbalance
usually would correct it self
Mr. Caap
very cold & dry
long cold dark winters
short cool summers (4 months)
-28ºC near the Mackenzie Delta
-18ºC in northern Quebec
Avg. Arctic temperature rose by 2'C
ice retreating exposes more water which absorbs more heat than ice
creates a loop that speeds up the rate of melting
their is a vast amount of carbon trapped in the soil that is locked in place by the permafrost
if the permafrost melts it will release the carbon
scientist fear this will release so much carbon that it will be more than what humans produce
it will warm up the arctic making the tree line creep northwards
algae growth will be altered therefore affecting the food web
biodiversity will change due to global warming
the red fox will be able to tolerate a warmer arctic and will move up into the a habitat of the arctic fox
the climate will change too fast for animals to adapt
toxic chemicals accumulate as they travel up the food web poisoning the predators and humans
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