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Lab Safety Tips and Rules

No description

m bammer

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Lab Safety Tips and Rules

Lab Safety Tips and Rules
By: Sofia Bammer :)
Rule #5
Last but not least make sure that you never touch items that are put away and even if items are set out for you don't touch them without permission of a teacher in the room. These are rules that should be followed by everyone in the lab.
Rule #4
Rule #1
NEVER smell chemicals directly. Why? Because in the end something will happen. Instead, use your hand and whiff the scent enough so that you can smell it.
Rule #2
Be sure to wear safety equipment such as, Safety goggles, gloves and CLOSED toe shoes because you never know if a test tube or something that has glass in it might drop on your foot!
Rule #3
Please don't (horse) play around in the lab because you or your classmate will fall and somebody will get hurt. Also you don't want something to fall or for you to bump your head. That might hurt.
Also make sure you DO NOT eat in the lab or there will bad results in the end. If you are eating in the lab while you are doing an experiment, you might get the chemicals on your hands and then you go to eat them?! NEVER do that.
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