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Nice to Meet you - Small Talk

No description

Insight English

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Nice to Meet you - Small Talk

Pleasure to meet you! Hello, what's
your name? Where are you from? Nice to meet you! My name is
What's your
name? My name is
Alfred. Nice to
meet you! Nice to meet you too! Introduce yourself to the class! whats your name?
where are you from?
whats your reason for studying
English? Tell us about your city Getting to know each other Mary: Hello, is it your first day at this university as well? I just arrived!
Peter: ____________! My name is Peter, nice to meet you
Mary: I'm Mary, ____________________.
Peter: What subjects are you studying?
Mary: I'm studying English and Social Studies
Peter: ________! Where do you live?
Mary: I live in Student Block A
Peter: Ah really? Me too! Would you like to have a coffee?
Mary: ____________________
Mike: Did I hear someone say coffee?
Mary: Ah Peter, this is my friend Mike
Peter: Oh hi! Fancy a coffee Mike?
Mike: ___________! Let's go. Fill in the missing responses Oh yes it is actually nice to meet you too me too! Sure, I'd love to Why not Yes me too nice to meet you too me too Sure, I'd love to why not Yes, me too Do you remember your first day at a new school or university?

How did you feel? Why do you want to learn English? "I need to learn English because many of my clients are from English speaking countries. It's not only for business meetings but also for social reasons. I need to be able to make small talk over coffee!" What is small talk? Polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters, esp. as engaged in on social occasions. Do you think being able to make 'small talk' is important? Why? What questions do they ask to make small talk? Intermediate 1 Did you know that 50% of business communication is actually small talk? Small talk! It is a vital part of building social relationships Read the following Dialogue John: Hi Joe! Hows it going?
Joe: Not bad thanks. Whats new with you? Any new developments with your department?
John: Yes, well I got a new assistant.
Joe: Really? I didn't know. How is that working out?
John: So far so good. How was your business trip? When did you get back?
Joe: It was great actually. I even had some free time to visit some of the sights in Paris.
John: Sounds great. Well I'd love to hear more about it but I have to run to a meeting right now. Would you like to meet for lunch and you can tell me more about it?
Joe: Sure, look forward to it! Which phrases are for... Greeting How do they keep the conversation going? showing interest ending the conversation My country What is the traditional music like from your country?

What are the traditional instruments in your country? How have music preferences changed ? Technical Information No sound? Make sure to select
mic & speakers
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