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Bitcoin as a store of value

No description

Juraj Bednar

on 18 March 2017

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Transcript of Bitcoin as a store of value

Bitcoin as a store of value
Gold as a store of value
Volatility - does it really affect it's ability to store value over time?
Maybe there's a fix for that, if you really care about it

Store of value
People seek stability, but it's not a necessary condition

People store value because they want to enjoy what they produced later

Cash loses value, so it is not a good store of value anymore. Gold is good and should be in your portfolio.
Do not expect stability!
There will be nothing stable in this world over your lifetime.
How to live with price volatility
Extremely short or extremely long "accounting intervals"

Can company survive on price volatility?
Regulatory threat
Also means discounted access to the black market (yay!)
Volatility (wait for it!:)
Value can drop to near-zero (technological problem, some other solution wins the market competition)
Why people use Bitcoin as a store
Privacy (OECD CRS)
Black / gray economy
Hard to confiscate
No central bank (effects on money production are HUGE and they are not reflected in price)
Easily transportable across borders ($10k limit?:)
Trust in cryptotechnologies and future black market

Bitcoin as a store of value
Juraj Bednár
Juraj Bednár
Some people would pay premium on being out of the state financial system
If it is stable, it might contain hidden risk
How to profit from price volatility?
Strategy 1: Discount on capital

Strategy 2: Personal
Price volatility is not a show-stopper, you can even profit from it (without predicting anything, no betting!)

Unique properties of Bitcoin make it a choice for store of value for many people - they in turn make it a better store of
Require longevity
Why not LTC, Monero, DASH, .... <- Lindy effect!
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