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The Business Aspect of Celebrities

Communication Presentation

Kevin Carrington

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Business Aspect of Celebrities

The Business Aspect of a Celebrity Life
The Singer The Writer The Actors Tom Cruise Britney Spears Stephenie Meyers Annual Salary 165,000,000 Annual Salary Annual Salary 143,000,000 124,000,000 Did You Know... Producers and Agents
spend an estimated
4.2 million dollars on
commercials and publicity
to market Tom Cruise Did You Know... Britney gets marketed the most
out of any celebrity. She is a hot icon
for the music industry and also
apart of the perfume line. It costs more
than 22 million dollars to cover
photoshoots, and commercials.
Did You Know... Stephenie's book "TWILIGHT"
took in over 29 million dollars
in sales. She is a sucessful writer
and to advertise for her requires
6-8 million dollars. Stuggles Stuggles Struggles The singer The Writer Paparazzi Press Press Paparazzi People who gave out her last book. These guys all help
charities, and help
others that are in need. Tom- Kenya Britney-Red Cross Stephenie-Operation Smile
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