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I'm not even going to make a joke about 2010 not being the year of mobile, because that's stale. But this is what's next...

Adam Russell

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Portability

You've got apps for free...

...And we like that! Users like that! How does Apple manage to make a 90% jump in profits? By being smart: : Steve Jobs, 2010 Mobile advertising: "Doesn't deliver emotion..." iAds Share of Revenue: App Store Share of Revenue: Portability What else is portable? #F8 : so sites now recognise you before you've even logged in.

Or registered... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1250777/ Sites can also update your profile. So what does this mean? Potential is pretty much limitless...
Sites will know your interests as soon as you arrive
Content is instantly tailored
Your friends follow you so you get no more of this... And publish relevant content to your news feed. Emotional Technology: Is this new? But this isn't 'new' OpenID Part of a movement that has long aimed to put the graph in the hands on the user Decreasing importance of desktops... According to Google, the iPhone generates 50 times more search requests than any other mobile handset.[130] "The average Internet usage for an iPhone customer is more than 100 megabytes. This is 30 times the use for our average contract-based consumer customers."[131] Device fragmentation As our own Adam Russell said to me afterwards, the Open Graph is not a new idea. A web that is truly socially connected has been the dream of many for some time now. But Facebook are the first brand with the reach and technology to really make it happen. http://www.lbi.co.uk/blog/latest/facebook-f8-comes-to-lbi-have-google-finally-met-their-match/ Facebook F8 Comes to LBi: Have Google Finally Met Their Match? Furthermore, as Chris Clarke said in his address last night, Facebook’s principal of honest open communication and believable interactions between users chimes well with LBi’s vision of Building Believable Brands through content functionality and tools. And it’s great that Facebook is here to simplify the distribution process. http://www.eyeblaster.com/creative_zone/SplinterCell/index.html And Facebook still 'own' it all... And, more to the point, what about the Benjamins? 100 Billion 'Like' buttons
API charges?
Ads inside Facebook units?
Charges to publish news items?
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