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Children Worship & Wonder

No description

Olivia Robertson

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Children Worship & Wonder

Children Worship & Wonder- a worship centered faith formation approach with
*Used during the congregations worship time
*Four-Fold Order of Worship
*Everything is accessible for the children
Gather God's People
*Multisensory Materials

*For different ages and learning styles

*A time of Wonder

*Wondering questions ask the children how they are a part of the bigger Christian Story
Hear one of God's Stories
Art Materials
We respond to God's Story
"...Given a blessing as they leave to be God's disciples in their homes, schools, and activities."
Sending out of God's People
First- Get a copy of the book Young Children and Worship. Found at worshipwoodworks.org

Next find a training in your area. Click on the training link on this website.
How do I learn to do this?
Faith Formation:
An engaged process of learning and practice integrated throughout all aspect of congregational and daily life.

Best Practices
"Faith Formation with children provides an
that allow children to encounter the living God directly."
Children Worship & Wonder
Story Material
Lifelong Disciples
Children Worship & Wonder
Faith Formation &
"Intergenerational fellowship where both the children's and adult's minds, bodies, and spirits are nurtured and cared for as they worship together. "
Where the story is found in the bible
We Respond to God's Story
Pray together
Share in feast
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