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Clay Gibson

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Thailand

Thailand Population Currency Economy Political System Capital City Languages Religions 67 Million (rank: 20)
8% below poverty line Baht 13% Agriculture
34% Industry
53% Services
GDP Per Capita: $9,700
Unemployment: 0.7% Constitutional Monarchy
(PM Yingluck Shinawatra) Bangkok 95% Buddhist
4% Muslim
1% Christian Thai (Primary)
English The Royal Family Greetings
Introductions Male ->"Krup"
Female -> "Kha" Wei Buddah Images or Monks
Parents, Teachers, Seniors
People with similar status Sawatdi Business Attire In General Productivity
& Planning Appointments Absenteeism Formality Your Class Financial Status Nepotism Social Class Gender Male Female Chauvinistic
Positions of Power Put on a Pedestal
Play an Important Role
Dominate certain Professions Negotiating Simple English
Speak Slowly
Use Colors Presenting xCopies More Tips Build Relationship
Decisions Take Time
Focused on Det ails Expect a call back Favoritism It's not what you know,
but who you know Can't Fix
A Printer?! Enemy
for life Managing Conflicts Please fix
the printer by tomorrow There's another
project with
tight deadlines Those young folk
sure are good
at technology.. Melon 5103421341 These older workers are •Inflexible •Cautious •Loyal Hey Grape!
Hows work? avoid talking,
avoid talking.. avoid talking,
avoid talking.. Collectivism Individualism Uncertainty
Avoidance 100 0 20 40 60 80 0 40 20 60 80 100 Manners & Rapport Basic Guidelines •Focus on the positive
•Feet are dirty
•Business talk at work
•Personal experiences outside work Good Discussion Topics •Direct Questions
•About Yourself What Not To Do •Impolite Language
•Gossiping, Yawning, Embarrassing
•Discuss Monarchy or National Security
•Praising Possessions
•Agreeing w/ Complaints
•Point Non-Verbal Communication •Use Gestures
•Keep Eye-Contact
•Arms-Length Distance
•Touching Others Displaying Emotions •Generally Happy
•Facial Expression
•Between friends
•Between Acquaintances The Setting Rural Urban More Thai More Western A Cultural Comparison Thailand United States At A Glance •High Power Distance
•Low Individualism
•More Feminine
•Avoid Uncertainty
•Long-Term Orientation •Low Power Distance
•Highly Individualistic
•More Masculine
•Uncertainty Accepting
•Short-Term Orientation •Work Hours: 8am-5pm, or 9am-6pm
•Most people break for lunch 12pm-1pm
•Sometimes staggered work hours •Newer Concept •Less Planning Shorter Deadlines •Common among Thai workers
•Punctuality valued by higer-educated •Avoid end-of-day •Make in advance
•Confirm on the day Punctuality Basic Guidlines •First Impressions Count
•Dress Appropriately
•Be On-Time •Cross Legs
•Active Body Language Adressing with Respect Khun Ajarn Taan Use Prefixes Colleagues
& Superiors Professors &
Respected Monks Respected &
High-Ranking •"Khoon"
•Mr, Mrs, Miss
•Khun "First Name" •"Aajaan"
•Ajarn Cha •"Tahn"
•Taan Yinglunk -"Dr." is only specific job title Seminar Etiquette •Confirm Invitations
•Prepare Materials
•Inform Details & Preferences Before... During... •Strictly keep allotted time
•Contribute Ideas
•Establish Relationships •Suits & Ties •Skirts
•National Dress Tips •Dark or soft colors
•Wear undershirt Thailand Business Cards Middle
Management United
States Thailand Connection Are
Important Stereotypes Achieving Workplace
Success Managerial Qualities Leadership Seniority Fair Treatment Hard-Working Education Personality Open-Minded Motivating Work Factors 1) Good Working Conditions
2) Fear of Failure
3) Prospect for Promotion
4) $ Money $
5) Loyalty
6) Job Satisfaction
7) Commitment Relationship Building •Sense of Security
•Someone to Trust
•Reduce Red Tape Experience Challenges Opportunities •Valuing Gender Equality
•Overcoming Absenteeism •Productivity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness Sebastian Paul Clay Jose Diversity Inc. Thervada Buddhism •Way of Life •Practiced in Wats •Affects the Workplace King Bhumipol Adulyadej Queen Sirikit Princess Sirindhorn •Playing a larger role
•Relying on abilities
•Increasing delegation English Side Thai Side •Exchanged at start Decisions Take Time Important Points •Watch for details
•Patience is a virtue
•Interpreters are acceptable
•Immediate feedback ok I'll Call
Back Hierarchy &
Decision Making Top Down
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