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No description

Elisha Escalera

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Austria

Elisha Escalera

Europe Continent
Czech, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovaika, Slovenia, & Switzerland
Population: roughly about 8.47 million people
Divided into 9 provinces
Geography of Austria
German is the official language
There are many dialects
Some people speak English, while others speak German
The younger generation are usually multilingual
Tourist Attractions/Most Visited Areas:
Vienna State Opera
Seefled, Tyrol
Hofburg Imperial Palace
St Atom am Arlberg
Grossglockner Alpine Road
Schonbrunn Palace
Brief History:
Austria dates back in the prehistoric times
First occupied by the Celtics Tribes, then was concurred by the Roman Empire
With the fall of the Roman Empire, it was once again ruled by the local tribes called Charlemagne until 788
The region became Austria in 976, when it was ruled by Leopold of Babenberg
In October 25, 1955, Austria became an independent country after the WWII
Vienna State Opera
Seefled, Tyrol
Hofburg Imperial Palace
St Atom Am Arlberg
Grossglockner Alpine Road
The Do's of Communication:
Cheek to cheek kisses with friends, even for close male friends
They speak to each other at an arm length
Handshake or cheek kisses when saying goodbye
Enjoy a good sense of humor
Popular conversations: music, culture, current events, and winter sports
The No No's of communication
Excessive hand gestures and talking
Hands inside the pocket while having a conversation
Going close to an individual while communicating
If you're a third party, do not introduce yourself
Do not bring up the topics of World War II, Anti Semitism, money or religion

Gender Sensitive Language
example: Der Loffel (spoon)

Schonbrunn Palace
Female: Drindl: A dress that consist of a blouse, full skirt, and apron.

Male: Lederhosen: Trousers made out of leather that may be either short or knee-length
Regular Day
Conservative Dress
Long Skirts
Dark Colors
Did You Know?
Austria is not the same as Australia
Drinking Age is 16
Smoking Age is 16
One of the richest countries in the world
Titles are highly important. (ex: If someone is a doctor, you should always call them doctor & then their name)
Austrians always persist on punctuality on time
Men usually enters the restaurant first before the women
It is really rare to see PDA
example: Die Gabel (Fork)
example: Das Messer (knife)
Objects also have a gender!
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