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No description

Paula Heesbeen

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of SEO

S SEO Het Proces Het Proces Who am I? http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulaheesbeen http://twitter.com/paulalatifa http://www.paulalatifa.nl/ Internet marketing agency, since 1999
Specialized in SEO, SEA, Usability and Google Analytics
125 employees Tribal Internet Group Clients Goals? Traffic Or conversion? Conversion thinking

Different channels bring traffic
Channels can be optimized to promote conversion
Depends on online marketing goals client Traffic?

Three Steps to Conversion Optimization 1 2 Website "I want good technique and even better content"
SEO specialist "I want the user to be able to find what they're looking for"
Usability Expert "I want good landing pages for my AdWords campaigns"
SEA specialist Working
together... 3 Management campagnes
Measuring Goals So...
what's important for SEO? E O Search Engine Optimization Content Technology Links Content Technology Links Assessment Steps Assessment Steps Assessment Steps 1. Keyword Analysis
2. Keyword Mapping
3. Copywriting
4. Implementation quality content 1. Technical Analysis & Advice
2. Implementation TA Reports 1. Development link & content marketing strategy
(based on competitors)
2. Execution strategy Questions to assess content Is there content (copy) on the page?
Is this content unique?
Does it contain keywords?
Does it use proper markup?
Meta tags
Headers http://www.copyscape.com/ How to? http://www.copyscape.com/ Check unique content: Copyscape

Check keyword density
Firefox/Chrome: ctrl-f [keyword]

Check markup
Firefox/Chrome: ctrl-u
Title: search for <title>
Meta description: search for descr
Headings: search for <h1>, <h2> etc. Useful tool: http://seobrowser.com/
Will strip all the visuals and lets you see the content the way the search engine sees it... Full List On-Page Ranking Factors Critical Factors
- accessible to engines (meta robots and robots.txt)
- broad keyword usage in document
- broad keyword usage in page title
- appropriate use of rel canonical

High Importance Factors
- appropriate keyword usage in document
- avoid keyword stuffing in document
- avoid keyword stuffing in page title
- avoid multiple page title elements
- exact keyword usage in page title
- keyword placement in page title
- no more than one canonical tag
Moderate Importance Factors
- exact keyword usage in document
- keyword usage in image alt attribute
- no more than one meta description element
- sufficien quantity of characters in conetnt
- sufficient cuantity of words in content
- appropriate characters in the URL
- Avoid Keyword Stuffing in the URL
- Keyword Usage in URL
- Static URL
Low Importance Factors
- Appropriate Keyword usage in H1 tag
- Appropriate Page Title Length
- Avoid Keyword Self Cannibalization
- Keyword Usage in Bold/Strong/Emphasised/Italics
- Keyword Usage in Meta Description
- Meta Description Usage
- No more than one H1 tag
- Avoid Excessive External Links
- Avoid Excessive Internal Links
- Appropriate URL Length
- Minimal Subfolders in the URL
Optional Factors
- Appropriate Meta Description Length
- Avoid Using Meta Keywords Tag
- Employ External Links
- Keyword Placement in H1 tag
- Canonical URL Tag Usage http://www.paulalatifa.nl/docs/page-analysis-detail.pdf Questions to assess technology Most important: can the search engine read and understand the page? What stops a search engine?
JavaScript & Flash
Inappropriate use of
robots tags
canonical tags
robots.txt What helps a search engine?
HTML & XML sitemaps
Good site structure
Good URL structure
Appropriate use of
robots tags
canonical tags
robots.txt How to? Check for Flash or JavaScript
Use seobrowser.com
Use plugins in your browser to be able to turn off special scrips. (For Firefox: webdeveloper toolbar)

Find robots.txt

Find the sitemap

Look at the code of a website to find robots & canonical tags.

Robot meta tags should be on index & follow.
Canonical tag should point to the page you're on Example Arke:
no robots tag
no canonical tag
no XML sitemap

HTML sitemap http://www.arke.nl/robots.txt http://www.arke.nl/sitemap.aspx Choose focus keywords
Search for focus keywords
Write down competitors

Analyze link profiles:
- What kind of links does the client have and what kind of links does the competition have?
- What sort of link building fits the clients company?
- Based on the discrepancy and needs a strategy is built. Two great tools:
Open Site Explorer: http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/
Majestic SEO: http://www.majesticseo.com/ Questions? Useful links:

Ranking Factors
Beginners guide to SEO:
Google Webmaster Tools:
Google Webmaster Guidelines:
Google: Search Engingee Optimization Starter Guide:
Google on SEO

http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.nl/ ITMC
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