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Travel and Tourism

No description

jasmine simpson

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism
what is travel?
travel is a way of getting from
one place to another!!
how can we travel?
and more...
what is tourism?
visitors who stay away from
home for at least 24 hours!!

New Zealand
what is in wellington
The city i have chosen is Wellington! (New Zealand)
It has great museums, gardens and

shopping centres, caves, emporiums.
museums and go
Go to theatres, gardens, cinemas, parks, woods, museums, and wildlife parks.
Sheffield is not always hot, it depends on the seasons.
ski resorts!
A ski resort in the UK is
Plymouth ski centre
Plymouth ski centre
is open throughout the year.
with three ski slopes to choose
from, including the longest artificial
slope in the South West.
beach holidays!
a beach holiday is isle of white,
(sandown beach)
it is a great beach and the sand is always soft and yellow.
its perfect for games, sandcastles, sun bathing, paddling
and of course swimming.
lime cay (jamaican beach)
a beautiful beach in Jamaica, relax by the sea go snorkling in the clear water.
what else brings you to the isle of white?

the castles the zoos the railway stations, donkey parks, theatres, lighthouses, adventure parks,
national park
brecon beacons, wales.
what is there to do in the brecon beaons??

nice long walks with beautiful views, castle and court, canal, cathedral, waterfalls!! its a beautiful placeto be!!
3.8 million people a year travel to the brecon beacons..
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