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Top Tips for Mac Air Pro

No description

Aubrey Dollard

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Top Tips for Mac Air Pro

Top Tips for Mac Air Pro
The Dictionary App can be used to look up a word, find synonyms, or connect to the Wikipedia page associated with it.
Air Drop
The Air Drop feature can be used to quickly send saved files or document from one person to another
Text to Speech
Drag and Drop
1. Open the file you wish to drop

2. Drag and hold it on top of Air Drop until it opens

3. Drop it to anyone located near you
A simple way to search for any app or file on your computer.
Searching in Spotlight
Typing in the spotlight will bring a drop down menu containing those words.
Using the share key, websites may be added to your Bookmarks, or commonly used websites
Bookmark Shortcut
For websites used daily, you can drag the site down onto the Bookmark Bar
Bookmark Bar
On a website, highlight a word & right click
to "Look up" the definition.
Air Drop is located inside the Finder App
Once activated, any word or phrase can be read through computer by highlighting the word then holding down the option + esc keys
Text to Speech
To have speech read, activate the Text to Speech option inside "Speech and Dictation" within System Preferences
To dictate speech to be typed, turn
Dictation to ON inside "Speech and Dictation" within System Preferences
Open a Word Document

Press Function key (fn) twice
and begin speaking clearly

Text will typed into document
Images found via Google Images
1.) Facetime is a camera system that allows you to see who you are talking to.
2.) Facetime can be used if you have an apple id.

Facetime can allow you to conference with parents who can not make it to conferences. (They do need an ipad or iphone for this.)
You can also conference with teachers and classrooms acorss the district.
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