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Respect in the Workplace Training- Employees

No description

Chelsea Palmisano

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Respect in the Workplace Training- Employees

Mutual Respect
Workplace Commitments
Respect in the Workplace Policies
Diversity Awareness
Diversity Policy
Why is Diversity Important in the Workplace?
Treating each other fairly and with dignity
Appreciating diversity is different than tolerating diversity. Appreciation of diversity opens individuals and the organization to innovation, thoughtfulness and success
Communicate our policies
Sexual Harassment
We value diversity in our workplace
Respect in the Workplace Training- Employees

Dignity: n., The condition of being worthy or honorable
Train all employees
Investigate all complaints
Resolve situations
Equal Employment Opportunity
The Americans with Disabilities Act
Workplace Violence
Importance of Respect
Creates a positive climate where everyone is treated with dignity and respect
Fosters Productivity
Resolves differences that block effective decision making, communication and service
Women now control $12 trillion of the $18.4 trillion global consumer spending market
Over half of all FORTUNE 1000 companies have some type of ethnic marketing campaign
By 2020
Hispanics will represent 1 in 6 Americans
Minorities may account for 30% of the U.S. economy
Consumer Market
Spending Amount
Country Equivalent
Gay Market
African American
Hispanic Market
Asian American
We require that all employees treat all others fairly, equally and with dignity
What is Diversity?
The differences that make each of us unique
Appreciating is seeking to understand and value others for who they are and what makes them different.
It is all of our responsibilities when we hear or observe behavior that is disrespectful and/ or unprofessional to act as leaders
Do not ignore it
Professionally communicate why this type of behavior will not be tolerated
Escalate it to management immediately
Diversity Awareness
A tool that many use is a
to ensure that we always treat
others in a respectful manner at all times. A
is a pause in
your reaction to evaluate what caused your response and evaluate how to most productively respond.
Consider the following:
How would you expect to be treated?
What do you actually know about the person?
Have you allowed one instance to generate a perception or belief?
Remember, good and bad assumptions can be wrong
Positive: Friendly greetings, use the employees name, ask their opinions
Negative: Use a derogatory nickname, blame the person without understanding fully
Non-verbal: Think about your body language
Positive: Smile, make eye contact
Negative: Roll your eyes, look down as you pass someone in the workplace
Remember, appreciating diversity leads to a more productive and pleasant work environment
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
We provide equal opportunity in all recruiting and hiring, and in all terms, conditions, and privileges of employment
This includes when determining pay, promotion or any employment opportunity for new and existing employees
All employment decisions must be made without regard to age, citizenship, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran's status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law
Genetic information is confidential and no employer at any time should request or receive information pertaining to it. This includes during pre-employment physicals, request for medical leaves, disability or in casual conversation
Americans with Disabilities Policy
We will reasonably accommodate the known limitations of an employee with a disability who is an otherwise qualified individual. We ask employees and/or candidates to voluntarily disclose their disability and any request for accommodation to assist with determining a successful resolution. Employees may contact their manager or Human Resources with concerns or questions
What is a Disability?
" A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.."
Caring for
with Others
Examples of Reasonable Accommodations
Shifting marginal job functions
Modifying work schedules
Providing equipment for work
Changing the workplace environment
Providing additional unpaid leave
Changing supervisory methods
Workplace Violence Policy
We are committed to providing a safe and professional work environment for all employees. This requires each of us to be an active participant in supporting each other and identifying potential threats
The company has provided a free employee assistance benefit in the event that you or any employee should feel that they need guidance or help. We encourage employees to reach out for assistance when needed
Harassment Policy
We prohibit inappropriate or unwelcome sexual or unlawful behavior, verbal or physical, in the workplace
Hostile Work Environment
Unwelcome, repeated and severely
offensive or intimidating behavior
that interferes with an employee's
ability to do his or her job
Quid Pro Quo
"This for that"- making a request in return for preferential treatment
Policy Violations
Intentionally brushing against someone
Illegal Conduct
Displaying sexually explicit or suggestive material
Telling a negative ethnic joke to a group of coworkers
Looking at someone suggestively
Refusing to talk to an employee who has made a harassment complaint against you
Repeatedly using a nickname instead of a foreign-born employee's real name, even after the employee has asked you to stop
Having simultaneous personal relationships with subordinates and treating them more favorably than others
Telling a Muslim employee that her head dress violates dress code
Threatening or implying that a "sexual cooperation" will affect a person's career
How to Handle a Complaint
Reassure the employee that we take these complaints seriously
The company has a no-retaliation policy
The process will be treated as confidential
All complaints will be investigated
Contact Human Resources Immediately
Record- Keeping Must Be:
Factual & Impartial
Formally Documented
Guidelines to Remember
Any behavior that violates our:
Diversity Policies
Equal Employment Opportunity Policies
ADA Policies
Workplace Violence Policies
Sexual Harassment Policies
Will not be tolerated
In a work-related setting, when in doubt, don't say it, don't do it!
Discrimination or harassment on the basis of any protected characteristic is illegal
Thank You For Your Time & Attention
What are your behaviors?
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