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General Layfette

No description

jimmy smith

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of General Layfette

French Revolution
General Lafayette
Born September 6, 1757 Died May 20, 1834
Historically in France, moderates were a middle-of-the-road political faction or group during the French Revolution. they didn't agree but didn't disagree with the revolution. Moderates were those who opposed the Reign of Terror and while they often varied in their ultimate goals, many were interested in a Parliamentary monarchy such as the English had achieved
Radicalism increased due to the unfair treatment of the Third Estate, which made up 95% of the population. They were forced to pay taxes and were starving and in debt. So, the National Assembly formed to revolt against leaders like Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. This is how the Reign of Terror started, when hundreds of people were put the death every day.
They were the ones who were against the French Revolution
National Assembly
General Lafayette fought along side the patriots in the American Revolution. He made a significant contribution to the language of the Declaration of independence. His connection to the war was he aided George Washington in the war. He was the commander of the new National Guard, he combined the kings colors (white) and Paris colors (red and blue) for his guardsmen uniforms and from this came the tricolor, the new French Flag
conservatives contained the king himself
did not enjoy loosing there roll
Part of the national assembly.
believed the war had gone to far
they have been around for the whole revolution
sat on the right side of the room
French parliamentary body. The name was used first during the French Revolution to designate the revolutionary assembly formed by representatives of the Third Estate (1789) and then as a short form for the National Constituent Assembly. They made the Tennis Court oath. They lasted for about one month then became the Legislative assembly
June 17, 1789 - July 9, 1789
Made up of the third estate and thought it was unfair that the first and second estate had two representatives when they only had one. they made the national assembly to over throw the king.
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Class papers and power points
by: jimmy smith
Period 1
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