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All About OMG

No description

Tranasia Wilkins

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of All About OMG

Bahja Shamara RodrigueZ
Breaunna WomacK
Zonnique Jailee Pullins
All About OMG
Who is Bahja Rodriguez?
Bahja Rodriguez is 17 years old born on August 2,1996.She joined OMG when she was 13 year old.Back then her sister lourdes, and reginae was in the group.They mad a single called pretty girl bag..Her mom name is Shamra Rodriguez.Her father name is Jonathon Rasboro .Her G-Mommie name is Beverly .Bahja celebrity crushes are Tyga,Carmela Anthony,Derrick Rose,Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar.Bahja is the pink headed one.Follow her on Twitter @beauty_omg and on instagram @imightbee.
Breaunna Womack
Breaunna Womack is 19 years old she is the oldest of the group.Breaunna was born on March 23,1995.She was born in Mobile,Alabama.Her mom name is Regin and her brother name is Myron Collins.Her boyfriend name is Rj Martin.Her uncle is a body guard for OMG.Her celebrity crushes are Channing Tatum and chris brown
Zonnique Pullins is 18 years old she was born March 20,1996.Her father name is Zonnie Zebo Pullins her stepfather name is Clifford Harris Jr.,her mother name is Tameka (Tiny)Cottle Harris.Her mamaw name is Diane.Her celebrity crushes are nick jonas and chris brown.Follow her on twitter.@star_omg and on instagram @starquality.She has two whole brothers which are king and major.She has 2 step brothers which are Messiah and Domani and she has 1 step sister which is Deyjah.
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