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Latin Kings

Alexis Moudy and Elizabeth Solorzano

Alexis Moudy

on 28 March 2010

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Transcript of Latin Kings

Latin Kings By Alexis Moudy and Elizabeth Solorzano The Latin Kings are Chicago's largest gang.
25,000 + members in Chicago.
10-15,000 members in the surrounding suburbs of Illinois.
Most members are now:
or of other South American countries. The group started in the 1940's, the goal being ending racism
toward new Puerto Ricans.
The Latin Kings tend to use five pointed crowns.
The points represent:
and honor They have organized chapters in over 41 states.
Female members are known as Latin Queens.
Each chapter, or tribe, report to an Inca, Cacique, Enforcer, or Regional Officer. In 1983, The Illinois Department of Corrections listed Carlos Robbies as an escapee, escaping a couple of days before his parole. He was really chopped up in a meat grinder and served in the meat loaf for dinner that night.

The skull was not found until 1995. Latin Kings and Queens teach Latino Pride.
They follow the teachings of the Latin Kings and Queens Manifesto. To begin their meetings, member face East, the direction the sun rises, and recite one of the various Latin king prayers to Yahve, the king and father of the Kings The gang's rules are strictly enforced and some memebers celebrate January 6th as "Kings Holy Day," and the first week in March as "King's Week." Alex Arellano was 15 when he was beaten, shot and set on fire in '09. Members of the Latin Kings beat him with a baseball bat and shot him in the head. Hours later, the Kings came back and set his body on fire. There are three stages to become a Latin King or Queen In the Primitive stage, the member is expected to be "immature," participating in gang-bangs. The Conservative or Mummy Stage:
The member tires of the street gang life, but still accepts it as it has been taught to him by the system that exploits all people of color and dehumanizes them. The New King stage:
The New King no longer blames his rivals as the cause of his hardship. He seeks world unity and freedom for all "The Opressed Third World Peoples." Bibliography:
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