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Types of Acute Kidney Injury

No description

Ruth Mawyer

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Types of Acute Kidney Injury

Discuss types of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) Types of AKI Prerenal Prerenal Contributing factors Intrarenal AKI
Contributing factors: Primarily happens when a patient is not
hydrated after surgery. Prerenal
The primary cause of prerenal AKI is a drop in blood pressure that decreases perfusion of the kidney. Vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels)
Low blood volume (hyPOvolemia)
Decreased cardiac output (heart failure) Acute tubular necrosis (ATN)
Acute glomerular nephritis
Interstitial necrosis Objective: Intrarenal AKI Oliguria is < 30 ml/hour or < 400 ml per day Nephrotoxic ATN
Due to:
drugs and other substances
Risk factors:
adv. age, dehydration, renal insufficiency, & DM Postrenal AKI (rare) Due to bilateral obstructive uropathies (urinary tract obstruction) Symptoms: anuria and flank pain (renal colic) followed by polyuria Review The End of discussion of Types of AKI Stay hydrated! Treatment for AKI Prevention:
& nephrotoxicity Goal: keep the patient alive until function returns by:
correcting f & e
treat infections
maintain nutrition
avoid drugs &
cont. renal replacement therapy (24 hr dialysis) if needed (more info available at
http://www.ccmtutorials.com/renal/RRT/page6.htm) aka intrarenal 50% mortality
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