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Writing Conference (2 videos)

No description

Talisha Machuca

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Writing Conference (2 videos)

Writing Conference
An Overview of Conferring
Important Questions
* What are the goals of a writing conference?
* When should I confer with students about their writing?
* What will conferring look like in my classroom?
* What are the teaching moves in a writing conference?
* What should I teach in a writing conference?
What are the goals of a writing conference?
Teach the student one writing strategy or technique
that he/she can use in a current piece of writing.
When should I confer with students about their writing?
What will conferring look like?
Group 1- Read pages 5-6 and present information.
Break Out Sessions
Group 2- Read pages 7-8 and present information.
* You can have writing conferences anytime students are writing in your classroom.
* If you use the writing workshop method, you will confer with students as they spend days working on a piece of writing.
* Usually, writing workshop begins with a mini lesson ( a whole group lesson), then students work independently on their writing for 20-30 minutes. During this independent writing time , circulate around the classroom and confer with students.
* If you teach writing by giving prompts or assignments, confer with students during class as they work on those assignments.
Option 1
Option 2
* When conferring, you might move from desk to desk to sit next to students as they write.
* When conferring, you might sit at a "writing conference table" and call students to you one at a time.
* During a conference, sit side by side with the student, with the student's paper in front of both of you.
* It is best when the conference feels like a conversation, with both you and the student talking and listening to each other.
*Each conference is between five to seven minutes long.
*After each conference, note on the record-keeping forms any areas of need and the student's progress. This will help you remember the strategy you taught and your ideas for follow -up conferences.
[ http://www.galenaparkisd.com/campuspages/cobb/Simpson-WritersWorkshop.mp4 ]http://www.galenaparkisd.com/campuspages/cobb/Simpson-WritersWorkshop.mp4

What questions to ask students during conferencing?
* What are you struggling with?
* What do you want improve?

How does six traits work with writer's workshop?
*All the six traits provide a perfect framework for mini lessons.
* Six traits lessons are helpful for guiding students in revision.
Short Video
Long Video
Please click the link for the video you wish to view and turn up your volume.
Your Turn!
With a partner, practice conferencing with one another. Use the draft that you have been working on today.
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