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Adrianna Barter

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is 1 of 3 prairie provinces. It is also the 5th largest province. Here are some of the provinces next to Saskatchewan, Manitoba is east of Saskatchewan, Alberta is west, and The Northwest Territories is north. It is in the southwest part of Canada.
The people to first live in Saskatchewan include Cree, Assiniboine, Chipewyan, Blackfoot, and Gros Ventre. Saskatchewan's name comes from the Cree word "Kisskatchewan" it means "Swiftly flowing river." People started moving from Europe to Saskatchewan in the 1870's. Saskatchewan became a province in 1905. When people didn't have building materials for houses they used sod which is dirt and grass and they leave holes for windows and doors. In the summer it's cool and warm in the winter, and sometimes when it rains it leaks through the sod and the floor becomes mud.
Saskatchewan's capital city is Regina.The provincial flower is prairie lilies.The provincial tree is the white birch.The provincial bird is the sharp tailed grouse. Saskatchewan's motto is "From many peoples strength." Regina, Saskatchewan's capital city used to be called Pile of Bones because a huge pile of buffalo skeletons once covered the city.

By: Jack and Adrianna
Where is Saskatchewan?
Interesting Facts
Things you may not know about Saskatchewan
The History About Saskatchewan
Parklands and Attractions
Why people visit Saskatchewan and what would they do

There are two national parks in Saskatchewan
Prince Albert and Grasslands. Prince Albert has coniferous forests and lakes. Grasslands has natural prairie grasses and badlands. The "Snowbirds" are a famous Canadian jet flying group that trains in Moose Jaw. Moose Jaw is a city in Saskatchewan, and is near the two cities Regina, the capital city and Swift Current. Moose Jaw got it's name from the original Cree name of the area.
Resource, Industry, and Wildlife
What would your job be if you lived there
Saskatchewan has coal, oil, and natural gas. Saskatchewan is the second main producer of oil in Canada. Saskatchewan mines gold, silver, copper, uranium, zinc, potash, and sulfur. Saskatchewan is the main producer of uranium in the world. They have the largest mine for potash in the world. Saskatchewan sells uranium and potash to countries all around the world. Saskatchewan's main industry is farming. Saskatchewan makes farm machinery and farming products. Saskatchewan uses one third of it's land for farming, they have the most farmland in Canada. They are also the largest producer of wheat in Canada. They have good soil for growing crops. They grow barley, oats, rye, hay, canola, and flax.
All the Names of the Objects Saskatchewan Mines
Names you maybe didn't know about the objects they mined or what they meant
Gold: Go-ld. Gold is a metal used for decoration and jewelry.
Silver: Sil-ver. Silver is a shiny greyish-white metal.
Copper: Cop-per. Copper is a red-brown metal and it is a weak metal.
Uranium: Uran-ium. Uranium is a heavy metal. Uranium was discovered in 1789.
Zinc: Zi-nc. Zinc is a silvery-white metal. It can be found around the world.
Potash: Po-tash. It is an important mineral to Saskatchewan and to the world. It is one worlds three important fertilizers.
Sulfur: Sul-fur. Sulfur is a pale yellow odour-less solid.
The typical temperature in Saskatchewan
10 C is the typical high in fall for Saskatchewan, and -10 C is the typical low.
The population in Saskatchewan
There are about 1 000 000 people in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan's largest city is Saskatoon. Most of the people who live in Saskatchewan live in the southern part of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is home to many Metis and native peoples.
Picture of Location
Interesting Facts Pictures
About Saskatchewan's Sports Teams

The Saskatchewan Roughriders

The Saskatchewan Roughriders were founded in 1910. It was based in Regina, the capital city. Their team colours are green, white, black, and silver. Their nicknames are Riders, Green Riders, Roughies, and the Green and White. Their head coach is Corey Chamblin. They won the grey cup in 1966, 1989, and 2007. The mascot is Gainer the Gopher.
Population Picture
Pictures of History
Gros Ventre
Pictures of Parklands and Attractions
Prince Albert
Climate Pictures
Pictures of Saskatchewan Roughriders
Pictures of Climate Continued
Team Colours

Saskatchewan Roughriders
Foods they eat in Saskatchewan
One way Saskatchewan gets their food is by agriculture. They use agriculture as one of their food supplies because they can grow crops and more. Pemmican and bannock are only a few historical foods of the Cree first nation aboriginal peoples.
Thanks for Watching
Historical Foods
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