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No description

thames thames

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Lynx

Where does the lynx live?
Lynx vs. cat
Similar things:
they can purr and meow
they are predator
body composition
they can climb up the tree

Wild cat
How a lynx looks like?
They have spotted hair, and their tummy is white.
It is about 1 meter long, plus its tail.
At the end of their ears are large tuft.

Lynx is a wild cat. It means, it lives in the nature.
Be careful!
It is not a pet, it can kill you!
It doesn't want to kill you, but it can be really scared of you, and it can attacks you.
North America
Even, in Hungary!
So lynx is a really cute animal!
lynx is bigger
cat is a pet
lynx hunts bigger animals
lynx likes to swim
The tuft
The tuft help hearing
Watching and hunting
It can notice a rabbit from 300 meters, and a mouse from 75 meters!
Day and night
In the night the lynx goes to hunt
In the morning, so...
it is the time to sleep. The lynx likes to hide between rocks or trees.
Dinner time!!!
Lynx eats everything what it could hunt
For example:
But not angry birds
Not this kind of mouse!
Fox cubs
It is too hot to eat!
Wild pigs
It is too hard to kill it!
The lynx can live about 10-12 years!
A female lynx has 2-4 cubs.
Enemies of lynx
In the nature:
The hunters
Diseases and reduced habitat
For example only 200 Iberian lynx live now!
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