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This Prezi is designed to introduce students into the world of journalism.

leigh snelson

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Grange

Today we are going to be journalists!

Look at news and learn how to make sense
of it.

Create our own story.

Publish our story on the internet.
http://www.webwires.co.uk/newsweb/ Profesional Tool! in pairs One of you go to
One of you go to The other person go to
http://tinyurl.com/grangeB Keep checking wallwisher for updates to the story As the news unfolds you need to develop a catchy headline story and write it up.
Keep it as up to date as possible,

However we dont want to make up news

It needs to be catchy, simple and effective. you Example 400 students were greeted today by Santa Claus.
Although there were rumours of that Santa's sleigh
was stuck at the North Pole, Santa still turned up
and gave students presents ranging from badges for
many and a playstation for one lucky student. What do you think is going on in this image? One person go to
One person go to
http://tinyurl.com/grangeA How do we handle incoming news stories?

How do we keep our stories up-to-date?

What makes the most effective headline?
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