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The Business Meeting Breakdown

Learn all about parliamentary procedure--what it is, how to use it, and why we use it!

Virginia Council N'siah

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of The Business Meeting Breakdown

HOW TO take the boring and make it interesting Starting with parliamentary procedure...aka parli pro! Parliamentary procedure (also known as parli pro or Robert's Rules of Order) is a code of conduct for official meetings or gatherings. BBG and AZA use a modified version of parli pro for occasions like business meetings, states, and elections. Get ready for the basics! compiled by Rebecca Pinsky, 20th VAC N'siah The Business Meeting Basics Every business meeting must have an AGENDA What is an agenda? An agenda is an outline of what is happening at a meeting. SAMPLE AGENDA I. Opening Ceremonies
a. Shomerit Ha-Brit: BBG's name
b. Menorah Pledge Principles
1. Citizenship: BBG's name
2. Jewish Heritage: BBG's name
3. Community Service: BBG's name
4. Philanthropy: BBG's name
5. Interfaith Relations: BBG's name
6. Tradition: BBG's name
7. Good Sisterhood: BBG's name
8. Prayer for World Jewry: BBG's name
II. Roll Call
III. Old Business
a. Points of Business
b. Any OLD/Tabled Motions
IV. New Business
a. Points of Business
b. Any NEW Motions
V. Closing Ceremonies
a. Shomerit Ha-Brit BBG's name Let's rewind quickly. A motion?!?! What is that? A motion is used to modify the constitution, or set of rules. Motions must be written before a meeting A motion should be written as such:
Maker: Name(s), position(s)
Second: Name(s), position(s)
etc, etc,
Be it resolved that.......
When presented, a motion should be read to the body by the maker/second. From there, the N'siah will ask for dissent. If there is none, the motion passes. If there is, members can suggest to motion into things like pro/con, questions of wording and intent, a moderated caucus, or a vote. Pro/Con:
Yes or no questions about how the motion is phrased. Wording/Intent:
Representatives from 2 sides will provide equal amounts of pros and cons. Moderated Caucus:
Open discussion where anybody can talk (on a set time limit) Types of Votes:
Voice Vote
Rising/Standing Vote
Hand Vote
Ballot Vote Need to leave the meeting? Say "ami" Uh Oh! The N'siah just rapped the gavel. What does that mean? 1 rap: sit down! 2 raps: be quiet! 3 raps: stand up! There you have it! All the basics of a BBG Business meeting...made SIMPLE! Check out this sample motion!
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