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The Blue Helmet

No description

Jonathan Laine

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of The Blue Helmet

By: Jonathan, Tyler, Joshua,
Nicolas, and Thomas Theme Lee Mercer Lee is one of the main characters in this novel, he lives in Hamilton and he`s one of the people who get into fights and violence from kids at school, plans to get in the Tarantula gang. This group is a powerful gang with strong, big guys that always have each others backs. Since Lee has been a bad kid at school, Lee`s dad, Doug, sent him to live with his aunt in New Toronto even though Lee barely knew his aunt. Lee is mostly lonely because his mother died, his father is always working, and Lee has no friends. Family Doug Mercer Doug is Lee's father and he's the only parent Lee has since his wife died many years ago. He is very demanding to Lee when he gets himself into trouble at school or when he got arrested from robbing a store in the middle of the night and Doug`s friend, Sgt. Marchi Carpino, caught him. Doug has 2 jobs meaning that he's always busy and that he's barely able to see his son. Doug is not happy with Lee because he always gets into trouble and so Doug thought that it would be better for him to live with his aunt for a while. Mrs. Mercer This is Lee's mother and Doug mercers wife. She fell very ill when he was young. His father took her on one last trip (a trip to Italy) before she passed. It was always a dream of hers to go to Italy and this is why Lee's father is always working. He's trying to pay back the money he borrowed from family and friends so he could take her on this final trip. Family Family Aunt Reena Reena, is Lee`s aunt. lives in New Toronto, and owns a restaurant. Reena decided to create a delivery service for her customers so she bought a bike for Lee. Then, Reena wanted Lee to stay with her as long as he wanted because he helped her a lot in the café. Family Family Friends Marchi Carpino A.K.A Sgt. Marchi Carpino. He is Doug mercers friend. He is the one who arrested Lee when he was doing his final test in trying to joining the tarantula group. is friends with Lee's father, so that's why he brought Lee to his father instead of locking him up Employe Employe Bruce Cutter
Bruce is the other main character. Bruce is one of Reena`s main customers and Lee becomes his friend since he goes every day to his house for delivery. Bruce was a smart man who was against war and violence, he wanted it to end. Unfortunately, Bruce died. Then his lawyer, Ms. Smith, told Lee that all of Bruce`s belongings including his house, belonged to him. After a while, Lee has been making visits to Bruce`s house and he discovered a room that was locked. Inside, it had strange written words on the black walls. He didn't know what the words meant but when he was reading Cutter`s diary, he figured it out but also knew other important things about Bruce's history. Pharmacist She is one of aunt Reena's employe and gives Lee the medicine to deliver. This woman keeps track of where the medicine that Lee takes to Bruce and Krantz and aunt Reena tells her who the medicine needs to go to Customer Costumer/Friend Friend Theme Plot Plot Story of Lee Mercer Story of Bruce cutter History of Bruce cutter The war Bruce Cutter was in Conflicts Lee Conflicts Bruce Plot Conflicts Tarantula group Setting Quotes Quotes Quotes since he doesn't have friends or family he can talk to, he decides to fill the void in his life by joining the Tarantulas. This gang makes Lee do many jobs for them such as stealing so he can be in the gang. It comes to the point where he only needs to do one more job and then he will become a Tarantula, but during his attempt in his final task, he is arrested by the Police. since he had a long record, the policemen suggest that he is sent away from the Tarantulas and the crime of the city, so they sent him to live with Aunt Reena and his father didn't complain. He meets a man named Bruce cutter while working for his and and they become really good friends. Courage. Regret "What god was it,then set them together in biter collision"
-homer, the Liad "Cutler. and this also, said Marlow suddenly. has been one of the dark places of the earth"-Joseph Conrad, Heart, of darkness " Bruce lives in solitude. He's been living in solitude for years because of reasons no knows. He has had no friends for a long while and has convinced himself that the government watches everything and everyone. Lee is Bruce's only friend and his history is a tragedy. This book is about a kid who is just considered a "thug."This persons name is Lee Mercer. It is also about the life of a person who has survived and saw the unthinkable. That person is named Bruce cutter. Together, both of there stores combined make one great novel. Lee deals with neglect and that is why he turns to the tarantula group. They watch over everyone of there members and that's all he wants. Lee doesn't have friends. All he has is family and he doesn't have much of that. He knows their is something wrong with Bruce, but he doesn't know what until the end. When Bruce died, Lee didn't know what to do with everything he got. Bruce has suffered from seeing horrible things. He was in a war in Russia and it was life or death just to go across the street. He lived a good life before he went to war. Now because of the things he saw, he has paranoia. In the book you see descriptions of things that are in Bruce's house that make you wonder "what's wrong with him?" In the end he died. Lee was just a kid who wanted attention and choose to get it by using violence. Bruce was a good guy (probably only in his late 30s) and because of traumatic events his life was changed forever. Lee in the end, realized violence isn't everything. He became a better person since he moved to his aunt Reena's. Not much could have got better for Bruce. he had paranoia and it would be really hard to get the old Bruce back. The setting to this place is none other than the great city we live in right now. That's right, Toronto. this book takes place in Toronto or as they call it in the book "new Toronto." everything that happens in this book is here. This is the group Lee tries to join in the beginning of the book. This group in the book is described as "the biggest and baddest gang in the neighborhood." they have to be pretty bad if Lee had to do some really bad things just to be initiated. Bruce was in a war in Russia. He saw people get killed right in front of him. His job was to try to get people out of there. they would kill anyone that wasn't wearing puma brand clothing or Diadora. if you were out in the open and not wearing puma or another brand of clothing you were dead. If you were wearing Puma, Diadora would kill you and the other way around Once the government fell the next day after it was a slaughter. it was muslims against christians (Puma vs Diadora) and then there were the other people. best friends were killing each other. if you were another religion you were nothing to the other person. you would just be another person they killed. this happened about 20 years ago The Blue Helmet This is an great novel about the life of
these two people. Lee Mercer, a guy
that just wanted some attention. Bruce Cutter, a guy who has paranoia, but is a great and wealthy person. both of there stories combined make this one great novel. it is highly recommended by all of us. Lee's story is about learning how to become a better person. Bruce's story is about how bad the world can be and that we need to change our ways. If you like books that have drama in it then you should read this book. William bell --> Customer Krantz A customer of aunt Reena's because not many guys his age would have done what he did and that is to join a group like the Tarantulas knowing they were one one of the most wanted and dangerous group in the area. After he's picked up by the police for stealing, he was sent to live with his relatives and that's where he decided that his life slowly had to change for the better. Theme Thanks for watching!

We hoped you enjoyed our presentation ! The Liad is a book about how beautiful enemy maidens who are captured by Archaians in a raid in the city Troy. Troops award the chief Agamenon and, Achilles wtih these to women. Chryses asks Agamenon for her daughter Chryseis in return but is denied. Chryses prays to Apollo making a plague onto an Archaian camp which is followed by a meeting. Kalchas a soothsayer will explain the cause of Apollos anger if he is guaranteed protection. Agamenon realizing he is the reason of the plague argues that if his war prize ( Chryseis) is given up he must be given Achilles war prize ( Briseis), Achilles refuses. Agamenon sends back Chryseis on a ship then later takes Achilles war prize ( Briseis) without difficultly. Achilles prays to his mother to persuade Zeus to help make the Trojan army defeat Achaian to cause Agamenon to pay for what he had done with Achilles war prize. The heart of darkness is about a man named Marlow is the captain of sailors working for an ivory trading company. The boat supposed to be used is found damaged due to the crewmen trying to steer the boat up rivers after hearing rumors that the station ran by the chief Mr. Kurtz has been under attack as well as being ill. Two months after they are sailing to Mr.Kurtz station they are attacked by natives in the jungle around in the river by spears and arrows. Marlow disagrees with the choices made thinking Mr. Kurtz was not worth the deaths of the men on board. A Russian man is found and is taken onto the boat where he is told of Mr. Kurtz which he responds of how he admires the way Kurtz uses his power yet says he is a mad man while doing so, the man then part's ways with Marlow. As they make their way towards Mr. Kurtz station they see a row of posts with decapitated heads of natives. Mr.Kurtz is found and is taken into a cabin on the boat followed by a group of natives ready for battle against the men on board, the men open fire with killing few as the natives retreated back in the bushes. Mr. Kurtz dies and whispers as his last words “The horror! The horror!”. Finally returning to Europe he distributes papers to Mr. Kurtz cousins and Kurtz's fiance telling her uncomfortably that his last words were her name. .Oh the shame, how the mortals put the blame on us gods, foe they say evil comes from us, but it is they, rather who by their own recklessness win sorrow beyond what is given."- Homer, the Odyssey The Odyssey is story about the great King Odysseus who was a hero in the Trojan war and has not arrived back to lthaka. As Suitors come to Penelope to marry her Athena tells Telemachos to search for his father. Telemachos travels to different Kings along the way to learn that his father is alive. Athena asks Zeus to force Kalypso to release Odysseus. Doing so Poseidon is mad at Odysseus and create's a storm bringing him to a land of Phaiakians. A princess named Nausikaa likes Odysseus and has him over for dinner with her parents who are the King and Queen of Phaiakia. Odysseus explains the end of the Trojan war to her family and everything that has happened since. The story tells of Odysseus boarding a ship of men to the land of lotus-eaters and cyclops. A cyclops named Polyphemus (son of Poseidon) eats some men until when Odysseus poses as the name "Nobody" gets Polyphemus drunk. He stabs Polyphemus in the eye and waits until the next day where he escapes the Island finally shouting his real name making Polyphemus pray to Poseidon to make Odysseus's suffer. Odysseus comes to the island of Aiolos the god of wind who gives Odysseus a bag of wind which blows him to the island of Circe where he gets directions. He arrive's at the sun god Helios's island where they are told not to eat any of the cattle. All of the men die from this after a storm arrives for them except Odysseus. Odysseus ends up at Kalypso’s island where he is help prisoner for 7 years. Kalypso is moved by Odysseus's suffering that she treasure and ferry him back to Lthaka. Odysseus's proves that he is the real husband of Penelope and completes a task of shooting a bow through twelve axes heads to prove he is the best of all to be with Penelope. Odysseus is the winner and kills and the suitors in a bloodshed where he then after reunites with his family living peaceful once again returning to lthaka after about 20 years. Chapters 1-3
-Story of Book where the quote came from Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
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