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Sir Isaac Brock

No description

Sydney Morrison

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Sir Isaac Brock

The Hero of Upper Canada Sir Isaac Background Who Won the War of 1812 Born: October 6th ,1769, in St.Peter Port, Guernsey Sir Isaac Brock has a strong, proud legacy. Brock was known for his efforts to ensure the preservation of Upper Canada. He was given the nickname "The Hero of Upper Canada" because he put all his efforts towards the war, and he lead the British army to many wins in the war of 1812. Sir Isaac Brock was one of the well-known Major-Gernals. Legacy Sir Isaac Brock didn't have a wife, or kids...But, he did have brothers and sisters. Brock was 1 of 8 brothers. He had 3 sisters, and 7 brothers in his family, there were 11 kids in his family. Brock was the youngest of the 11 children. Family I think the British won the War of 1812 because of the outcomes of the war. First off, the British queen would not have been our queen if we had not won. Also, the queen is on the back of our coins, which she would not have been there if we had not won. These are just some reasons why I think the British won the war of 1812. Died: October 13th, 1812, Queenston Heights His Role in the War of 1812 He was the Major-General of the British army and before that, he was a British Army officer. He was stationed in Canada in the early 1800's. Brock lead the British army to many victories in these series of battles. He is from St. Peter Port, Guernsey. Brock Lifespan Sir Isaac Brock lived for 43 good years. Sadly, on October 18th, 1812, Brock was killed with an American sniper, which had shot him straight in the chest. On that day, we had lost "The Hero of Upper Canada". October 6th, 1769-October 13th, 1812 Elizabeth- Born in 1756 Daniel- Born in 1762
Rebecca- Born in 1757 William- Born in 1764
John- Born in 1758 Peter- Born in 1765
Ferdinand- Born in 1760 Elizabeth- Born in 1767
Peter Henry- Born in 1761 Frederick- Born in 1768 Isaac- Born in 1769 Contribution to the War of 1812 Sir Isaac Brock contributed lots to the war of 1812. His heroic ways, defense strategies, and plans, made the British win most battles. He captured 2,000 Americans at Fort Detroit with a much smaller force including 400 native Indians and his defense of the British. But most importantly, he contributed his life to serve and protect the British. "Surgite!"
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